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A Paid Consultation Can Save You Money

Pay now…save later…think of it as the old adage, “Measure twice, cut once.” When you are planning a renovation, there are many exciting things to think about, such as new paint colors, rearranging the existing pieces in the space, buying new accent pieces, maybe even buying new furniture. These are costly investments that really do pay off by helping to create your perfect space. While you’re busy thinking about all of these exciting purchases and changes though, it’s easy to lose sight of the more…I hate to say it…boring aspects of the job, such as the electrical devices. Yes, parts of our job can certainly be mundane. That being said, they are extremely important and your space couldn’t really function without them! (Have you ever had a dinner party in the dark eating raw food? Likely not 🙂 )

Although some of the electrical elements in your space can be boring, read receptacles and switches, and in most cases these are also standard – standard location, standard height and standard color, in a custom space these devices are anything but boring.  For example, if you have a custom countertop with an unusually high backsplash or an usual room layout, you may need switches and receptacles in non-standard locations and in non-standard finishes. Consider a bathroom in which the entire wall behind the sink is mirror.  You may logistically want a receptacle to one side of the sink on this back wall.  This is not only an unusual placement, but it certainly warrants a custom finish for the receptacle plate. If you do not inform your electrician about these specific custom conditions for your space, devices will be placed in standard spots, at a standard height, in a standard finish. A white nylon receptacle cover in this situation would be a design disaster.

Although it is possible to relocate devices and change finishes once they are roughed-in and then installed, it is an expensive and time consuming process and can have a negative effect on the timeline of a project.  These issues can be easily avoided by scheduling a consultation with your Electrical Contractor beforehand. Use this consultation to review the specifics for your custom space so the electrical work can be custom to accommodate. This consultation will cost much less than re-working everything after the fact, and it will save everyone time and money and you can get down to the business of enjoying your space as soon as possible.

In most cases, a simple consultation is part of a free onsite estimate, but in a completely custom space requiring custom electrical devices, a paid consultation can show you a world of options to help create your perfect space.  Verve Electric’s sister brand, Verve Home, has a fabulous team who would be more than happy to discuss your custom needs, while at the same time ensuring the appropriate electrical codes are met.

There are so many exciting options to consider electrically, even for the “boring” devices.  Check out some of them here:


The consulting process can be a tedious one, and the construction process can be long, but by spending the time and money on the front end, you’ll be enjoying your perfect space before you know it while saving time and money by not having to correct “standard” finishes in your custom space.