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Baeumler Approved Blogs Are Go!

Everyone should have at least a few basic home improvement skills: measure a piece of wood, cut it, use a level and hammer in a nail. Those four simple tasks are the foundations on which cities are built. On the other hand, we can’t all be contractors, and that’s okay. If you’re planning a renovation and you’re even slightly concerned about your handy skills, you’re going to need to find a professional which we know is no easy task.

With all of the horror stories out there, it can be very difficult to find the right contractor. This is the foundation (yes, pun intended) of what Baeumler Approved was established on; to ensure that homeowners weren’t faced with the nightmare of hiring a contractor who didn’t do the job properly, weren’t affiliated with the correct establishments and worst of all were scammers. For five years, Baeumler Approved has worked tirelessly to put together a list of professionals and experts in all areas of the home service industry so you, the hardworking homeowner, no longer have to worry about who to call.

Hiring someone to work in your home who isn’t licensed, doesn’t have liability or workers compensation insurance is a huge gamble and could leave you dealing with the repercussions long after the work is (or isn’t) completed. Proof of liability insurance is required in most municipalities to obtain a business licence. That means any damage caused by someone is covered by his or her liability insurance policy. Specialized contractors such as electricians, plumbers and gas fitters require a special licence proving that they’ve attended school and apprenticed in their field, in addition to a municipal business licence. But that’s not enough. If anyone working at your home is not covered with workers compensation insurance (WSIB or WCB depending on your location), you could be responsible for their health, welfare or long-term care costs.

At Baeumler Approved we have done a lot of the legwork for you; we have sought references, noted experience, sourced licenses and accounted for insurance. Now you have a database of home service providers, approved by the program and other homeowners, with just a click of your mouse. Unfortnately we can’t do ALL the work for you. We always encourage homeowners to do your own research, speak to past clients and trade references and make sure they’re the right fit for you and the work you’re asking them to complete. At the end of the day, just like choosing a spouse, make sure you hire someone you’re comfortable with and can communicate well with. Honesty and open lines of communication are paramount when entering into a contract with someone, especially when that contract includes handing over large sums of money and the keys to your home.

When it comes to hiring a home service provider for your next project, remember that baeumlerapproved.com is your first step to connecting with the best in the industry.