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Brighten Up Winter with New Paint Colours

Despite all the outdoorsy fun that can be had in winter, from a colour perspective the season is pretty boring. While there is something satisfying about the glow from holiday lights on a fresh white backdrop of freshly fallen snow, as the season drags on we find ourselves awash in a sea of grey and non-descript, dull whiteness.
Fortunately, paint colour trends for the home are leaning decidedly towards the bold at present, with manufacturers creating new and intriguingly deep hues all the time. If you are tired of swimming in an ocean of greys and whites, the good news it this: the days of neutrals are over. The trend for 2018 and beyond seems to be rich, bold colours, and not just as accent walls anymore. Here are a few of the hottest new trends in interior paint colours for 2018.

Back In Black

There was a time in the recent past when dark colours were considered a bit morbid, but no more! Several of the most popular new hues are variations on the darkest tones possible. Black has made huge in-roads in design for virtually every room in the house, including bathrooms and master suites. Ranging from “dark onyx”, a simple grey-tinted black that matches well with exposed wood, to the more dramatic “black flame”, which contains blue-purple undertones that add sophistication and mystery to a space, there are now more options for black paint than ever before. Moreover, most industry insiders agree that these dark colours are the hottest new trend for 2018.

Berry Fields, Forever

Somewhat less imposing, but nonetheless highly impactful and dramatic, are the suite of new berry-toned options currently hitting the market. From the reddish end of the spectrum, there’s “caliente”, creating a warm strawberry glow, and more toned-down options like “cloudberry”, a light-as-a-feather purple-pink hybrid. If blueberries are more your kind of thing, there are all kinds of new options ranging from dusky light blues to deep turquoises.

Explore some of the trendiest new colours of 2018, and brighten up your winter!