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Making Your Home Smarter

As technology continues to advance, it is clear that we are now living in the age of “smart” home, where various connected digital devices and applications can be employed to increase the efficiency, safety, and livability of your space. While we’re not quite ready to let the computers do all the work, there are nonetheless many new products that can make controlling the environment in your home more convenient and efficient. Here are a few new things to consider if you’re thinking about investing in some gadgetry. Most importantly, you do not need a computer science degree to install any of these products.

Smart Plugs

Obviously adding a completely new control system to your house can be crazily expensive. Currently, even smart appliances can be a huge investment for the average homeowner. The solution? Turn your normal appliances into smart appliances by wirelessly controlling their power supply.

Smart plugs are wireless-enabled controllers that you plug into a normal outlet, between the outlet and whatever light or appliance you want. They enable you to control on-off functions wirelessly from a phone or tablet, making basic automation of things like lamps or your coffee maker possible. Additionally, they won’t break the bank.

Smart Bulbs

Not only can you control these fancy new bulbs wirelessly, making your badly placed light switch less of an issue, but you can also do really interesting things: program them for certain times of day, change the colour of the light, even control the activation with your voice (if you’re using a wireless hub for your home). Moreover, since they are exclusively LEDs at present, they are more efficient than regular old incandescent bulbs.

Wireless Dimmers

You may have a hallway light that is annoyingly bright, or an outdoor switch that you always forget to turn off. Wireless dimmer switches to the rescue! These cool gizmos can be connected to an app, which you can then access from your phone or tablet. At last, the perfect mood lighting is at your fingertips—perfect for your next dinner party or date night with your partner.