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Not Every Kid Learns The Same Way

After spending the afternoon in a workshop about setting up successful strategies for kids that have difficulty functioning in an organized manner, I’m here to tell you, where there’s a will there’s a way. Common complaints are ” I have everything set up for him , but he just doesn’t use it.” or “I have to hound my son so much to do homework and it’s creating problems in our family”

Most younger children today will require your time and energy. Creating a system and not engaging with them while they work through it is a set up for failure.

As a parent our children learn from what they see and hear. So show them and work with them for the first few weeks on how this system of getting their homework done works! Be realistic. You are not going to get a student who has refused to come home and start the homework right away into a organized system right off the bat. Space changes out. Allow for the system to integrate into their lives and they will find it less cumbersome.

Try this: Home from School Snack 15 minutes Empty out the bags and lunches and you ask them to pull out ONE piece of homework. Look it over with them. Ask if they have any questions? Or better yet – ask them to explain it to you! and LISTEN. Give them a timeline. Work on it together if necessary for 15 minutes and if there’s been significant attempts, let them get outside and get some air for 15 minutes.

Help pace them, you’ll find that they are able to get the work completed with less then two breaks. Written agendas don’t always work for students. Lots of teachers now set up mass text messaging to parents outlining homework due.
I for one, would take that text write it on the “to do list” on the fridge and address each item individually as they are completed. Teaching time management now, will truly help in the years to come. #chaostocalm #timemanagementforkids