Simple Valentine’s Day Fixes for Your Love

C. Gibson January 26, 2018

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it might be the right time to show your partner love by beautifying and improving your living space. Here are a few simple home fixes that will put your love into action.

Stop the Leaks

Leaking sinks and pipes in the bathroom and/or kitchen are probably the most common type of plumbing issue we face as homeowners. Fortunately, they are also among the easiest problems to fix. In general, leaks of this type can be repaired by simply replacing the washer or compression nut that is causing the problem.

Firstly, you’ll need to shut off the water line feeding that particular tap. Many sinks have a shut-off valve located conveniently nearby, but for older homes you might need to follow the pipes until you reach it. Once that’s done, grab a bucket or container to catch any water that remains in the line, and twist off the compression nuts and remove the washer. This will also allow you to remove the entire P-trap. Replace or re-tighten the washer and/or compression nut (whichever is preventing a good seal), or if necessary replace the entire P-trap.  Turn your valve back on, and you are done!

Patch the Holes

If you’ve been in your home for a while, and have any decorating or aesthetic impulse at all, chances are you’ve put a few holes in your drywall. Alternatively, maybe you swung a door too aggressively one day and put a doorknob through the wall, creating an embarrassing eyesore.

Small holes, like those from hanging pictures or shelving, are of course an extremely easy fix. Wipe the area down and remove any bits of drywall that will prevent a smooth surface. Get some quality sparkle, apply it smoothly with a putty knife, and wait for it to dry. If needed, use a finely grained sandpaper to flatten and smooth it out. Then you can just paint it over.

For larger holes, cut a rectangular or square section around the area. Cut a matching piece of new drywall of the same dimensions, and slide it into the gap. You may need to use a small piece of scrap wood to brace the new patch. Then secure it into place with drywall tape around the seams, apply some joint compound with your putty knife, and smooth it flat. Then just sand and paint, and you’re done!

Do these simple things and show your love for your partner by fixing up your home! 

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