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The Vermeer’s BIG Renovation

Our clients Keith and Adrienne made the HUGE decision to completely gut their 1970’s bungalow and add an additional 1200 square feet of living space to their home. They knocked down a wall and closed off a staircase in the main living area to create the open concept flow they have always wanted. They also added 2 bedrooms and a four-piece bathroom to the house. With 6 year old twins and an infant, it was quite the undertaking to say the least, but they got through it in one piece and are happy with their new space! Check out what they had to say about the renovation process and how they are settling in now.
Catalyst – Why did you decide to take on such an extensive renovation? Did you ever consider moving instead?
Vermeers – When we bought our house 6 years ago we fell in love with the property and its location relative to family and work.  The plan at the time was to update the interior, we weren’t thinking about an addition at that time.  The reasons we decided to move on the extensive renovation were that we didn’t want piecemeal renovations completed over the next 15-20 years, and we wanted to make sure we had enough room for our growing family. We bought this place with the intention of staying forever, we had the opportunity to create our very own space, so we moved on it.
Catalyst – What aspects of the renovation process did you find the most exciting/challenging?
Vermeers – The first swing of the sledge hammer was the most exciting.  It was extremely satisfying to destroy the most annoying part of the old house (the bank of cabinets in the middle of the kitchen), and to personally swing that hammer.  
The most challenging part was having to move out.  Living somewhere else for 5 months was trying but in the end was all worth it.
Catalyst – How does it feel to be back in your home?
Vermeers – We’d say it’s a combination of different emotions – relieved, relaxed, comfortable, and ready to entertain. Perhaps the best way to say it is that we are happy.
Catalyst – What is your favourite part of the home now that is has been renovated?
Vermeers – The giant window.  It brings the beauty of our property into our house.  A close second is the island in our kitchen.  In fact, all the responses to these questions were crafted by us as we were gathered around it!