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What Baeumler Approved Means to Us.

Let me tell you a bit about Bryan Baeumler and his ethics since he is a great representative for those of us in the industry who hold to age-old values: honesty and quality.

Bryan reminds us of our own values.

Humble Beginnings

Bryan grew up like many of us in the construction industry: in a blue-collar family. His dad was a metal worker who wanted to give his sons a good education and more opportunity, so he put Bryan and his brother into private school.

But Bryan liked working with his hands too much he started doing odd jobs for his neighbors at the age 14, Bryan gained a love for labour and an entrepreneurial spirit to match. When he graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree in Business and Political Science, he made the counterintuitive choice of starting his own renovation business. He must love contributing to well lived-in and appreciated homes as much as we do.

A Renovation Guru

During his formative years as a contractor, Baeumler learned some important lessons about renovations. First, prioritize structure over aesthetics. The most important thing is having a well-built and efficient home. No point in putting lipstick on a pig, right? Second, plan realistically and pay what you need to pay in order to get the job done right. Bryan estimates that 80% of renovations go 50% over budget. Why? Because both renovators and homeowners tend to be optimistic and under budget as a result! Three, always work with reputable and dependable contractors and trades.

When Baeumler eventually landed his gig on HGTV ‘s “Disaster DIY” and eventually “House of Bryan” & “Bryan Inc,” his whole job orbited around imparting these lessons. He became a ‘renovation guru’—someone to help homeowners with their previously botched projects, and in doing so on national TV, help guide prospective homebuyers and renovators towards the light. If you’ve watched Baeumler’s show, you undoubtedly know that not all construction jobs go smoothly and that not all builders and contractors are reputable and reliable. Case in point, a horror story about a newly bought home in an older Ottawa neighbourhood. When Baeumler inspected the structure in preparation for a renovation, he found that the previous builder added a second story to the bungalow…  without replacing the ceiling joists (2×4’s) with floor joists (2×8’s)! Much to the homeowner’s horror, Baeumler had to report the issue to the city who had the house condemned.

Baeumler Approved

To help homeowners like yourself avoid such a nightmare, and to help you navigate the labyrinth that is the construction market, Bryan created “Baeumler Approved,” an association that helps connect homeowners with contractors, trades and home service providers from all across Canada.

Floorscapes is proud to be on that list. We have been selected by the Baeumler Approved team because of our history of quality work and customer satisfaction. After seeking out testimonials from our customers and our collaborators and verifying our permits and our insurance, the Baeumler Approved team contacted us inviting us to participate.

We were asked to commit to a code of conduct based on respect, transparency, timeliness, safety and of course quality. We were happy to oblige since we are big fans of Baeumler and we already share and practice such values.

If you don’t know Bryan, we encourage you to watch his shows and check out the Baeumler Approved Association if you’re considering doing work in your home. What better way than to learn from the guru himself?

Learn more about our values  – https://floorscapes.net/about/index.htm