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What Sets Your Landscaper Apart?

Do you currently have a landscaper or are you looking for one? How do you know if they will do a good job or are reputable and reliable? What are some things that you, as the consumer, can do to look into this before you sign a contract?

1) EXPERTISE: Does your landscaping company possess all the requirements that your project needs? If you’re looking for a new patio for example, your lawn care expert may not have the necessary skills to complete this job well. Are you looking for a water feature, some outdoor masonry work or landscape lighting? Make sure that you look for a company that has staff that are specifically suited to the job that you need done.

2) COST: Many lawn care companies subsidize their overhead with the volume of work they provide to numerous customers. If you purchase a lawn mower, trimmer, blower, gardening tools etc, it can be costly and this equipment is only supplying the workload for your property. Landscapers/ lawn care experts can spread that cost across their clients. Landscapers should be keeping their equipment in tip top shape. It can be expensive for you to purchase and maintain professional grade equipment and supplies for your property which is often an oversight when comparing quotes to your presumed costs of maintaining your property.

3) AN ACCOUNTABILITY PROGRAM: This is going a step above and beyond what many landscapers offer. The professionals however, should offer their customers some sort of proof that their team visited your property, the time and date they were there, what they completed, and any additional notes. We, fort example, have a cloud- based Customer Accountability program where the Supervisor that is overseeing the weekly program visits will send customers a service report by email when the team completes maintenance.

4) LIABILITY: Any good lawn maintenance contractor will be licensed and insured, meaning you won’t have to worry about liability on your site. The best piece of advice is to make sure the company you hire has liability insurance, WSIB and has trained their employees how to use the machines with proper safety techniques.

5) REFERENCES: You should be able to obtain a minimum of a few references from the company that you’re looking at hiring. In today’s world, reviews are also available online but take a word of caution here- sometimes trades have found that many people who actually take the time to post a review have had a poor experience and may be nasty with their review. Many people who do have a positive experience don’t share their opinion publicly even though this would be very helpful for the company.

6) CERTIFIED: Certification is also important and whenever you ask to see the certification of a particular lawn care provider, you need to be sure it’s the real deal. The reality is that only some 30 percent of all lawn maintenance professionals are rigorously tested before receiving their certification. With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to investigate the organization that has awarded them the certificate in question and find out whether the certification means more than just paid membership to an organization.

7) AWARDS: This is a bonus but can still be an important indicator of the company you’re looking to hire. Do they have awards in their local area? This is sometimes a translation that the community has good things to say about them. Do they keep winning awards year after year?

8) ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FLORA: A certified lawn care professional has the necessary know-how to differentiate numerous species of plants, grass, and trees. They should know all about local plants, as well as imported ones and they are quick to impart that knowledge. It’s unlikely that a non-professional such as a typical homeowner, will know all there is to know about good lawn and garden care. That’s what professionals are for; educating you and helping you with decision making, so that you can spend your time dealing with more important things, such as your job and your loved ones.

9) ABLE TO RESTORE BEAUTY & HEALTH OF YOUR LAWN & LANDSCAPE: Are the lawn care technicians and garden specialists able to give you a garden that blooms in the way you’re hoping for? For example, some clients hope to have their garden blooming from spring until fall.

Can this company accurately differentiate between the plethora of diseases and pests that plague lawns, trees, and plants? Are they up-to-speed on all the latest planting and transplanting techniques in horticulture? Do they know how to restore a damaged lawn back to health, and are informed on tree maintenance and preservation?
If you’re having a landscaping project done, are they thinking of how things will work for you in the future or how it will affect an upcoming house sale? Do they “play around” with different layouts and how they will suit your current landscaping?

We hope you enjoy working with a landscaper on whatever outdoor project you’re getting involved with. Paramount is here if you want to reach out with any questions- don’t hesitate to contact us!