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What To Do If Your AC Freezes?

What To Do If Your AC Freezes?

No cold air?

There is nothing more disappointing than finally making it home after a long, hot day discovering that your AC is not working. One of the most common air conditioning problems is for a unit to freeze up. Don’t let its name fool you, when your outdoor or indoor coil freezes, you and your home are left in the heat. You can either open up all of your windows and hope for a breeze, or follow these three steps to getting your air conditioner up and running again.

1. Check your filter

A dirty filter could be the cause of the problem restricting air flow to the indoor coil. Locate your cold air return on the side of the your furnace and check your filter. If it’s dirty, simply replace it. It’s an easy process and new filters can be purchased through Canadian Choice HVAC Services.

2. Thaw out your AC

To thaw out your AC, you need to take two easy steps. First, switch your thermostat to OFF and your fan to ON. This will start defrosting your A-Coil, found inside your home HVAC. Give your unit a few hours to fully defrost. The second step is to locate your furnace and the frozen coil. Due to all of the melting and dripping about to take place, it’s a smart idea to inspect your condensate tray and drain lines and make sure it is draining properly. If it isn’t draining properly, you could end up with potential water damage. This will help in preventing any build up over time.

3. Start it up!

After allowing your AC reasonable thawing period, switch your thermostat back to COOL. If the air comes out cooler than room temperature, your AC is up and running again. If this issue happens again we recommend to call Canadian Choice HVAC Services and let them know what happened and have someone come out to inspect your unit. If the system is freezing (especially if it’s happening over and over), that’s usually a sign that something is wrong.

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