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Where Is my pool?

Almost every customer who purchases a swimming pool, at any time of year, wants to be the first pool to be installed in the spring.  There are also those that set their hearts on hosting a huge backyard gathering to celebrate the new pool, by a certain date. But there are several factors that effect how quickly that can happen, even if you look outside and see sunshine and grass growing and it looks like spring has arrived.

Spring can be an unpredictable time of year. Sometimes we have an early, dry, warm spring and some years we have heavy precipitation, and cold temperatures that delay the arrival of the season. Your pool installers are waiting, not only for the ground to thaw, but for the ground to dry up. The average in-ground swimming pool takes about eight full size dump truck loads of excavation out of the ground and it has to go somewhere. Most landscapers have to wait until the dump sites open to take the extra soil away, in order to begin any job.

Dump sites remain closed until the ground is dry and firm enough to handle the weight of the dump trucks without getting stuck down in the mud. Even after the dump sites open, all it takes is one day of rain and they remain closed for two to three days till the ground to dry out again. 

In ground swimming pools take on average 14 to 30 days to install from start to completion, depending on the scope of work involved. There are a multitude of factors that contribute to the length of time it takes, like the size and complexity of your project. Other factors that can take additional time and effort to work around are; local inspections required, soil compression, presence of bedrock and weather conditions. 

Weather plays a critical role in scheduling, with rainfall being top on the list of delays. Too much rain can wreak havoc on the excavating especially if the hole has been dug and overnight a downpour fills it with rainwater, causing a need for pumps to come in and drain the site before work can resume. 

Whether you purchased your pool in the cold and winter months, dreaming of warmer sunny days, or are just now thinking about investing in your backyard oasis, the time spent in anticipation is worth the wait. Trust me, your contractor wants to see your job completed with smile on your face just as must as you do!