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apartment in garage

How to Renovate a Garage into an Apartment

A garage renovation is like a miniature version of a total home renovation. If you want to turn your garage into a space that is fit to live in and not just store your car in, you’ll have to make major changes to it. Here’s a brief rundown of the major things to consider when […]

Choosing the Right Backsplash Tile

Selecting the right tile for your backsplash can be overwhelming. Here are some points to consider before venturing out to your local tile store.  

Commercial Contractor

How to Choose a Commercial Contractor   

Your organization might have guidelines on how many quotes to get from commercial contractors. But, from there, you’re essentially on your own choosing a contractor for your project. Commercial projects tend to involve a lot of investment and should help your business succeed over time. So, choosing the right commercial contractor is critical. Here is […]

Renovation Ideas That Maximize Storage And Minimize Clutter

When you first purchase a home, it is hard to know how your needs may change and how you’ll need your home to change along with you.  If you add kids, pets, a home-based business or hobbies to your lifestyle, the storage and spaces used to organize your items may no longer work. 
Do you need to move? Not necessarily!  There is so much you can do within your current home to maximize the space and still make it work for you.  It is worth speaking to a trusted home renovation professional about custom renovations to find out more about building more storage for your home.

Home Control on a baby registry?

Home control for new parents is a must have.

Bryan Baeumler – There’s more than one way to insulate a house

Bryan Baeumler answers questions. Whether you're insulating a basement or an attic, a vapour barrier could be a key component.

Worksite Safety Compliance Centre August Report

The Worksite Safety Compliance Centre is a Baeumler Approved affiliate and one of Canada’s leading providers of simple, effective, and accessible occupational health and safety training materials.

This month’s newsletter provides some updates on changes to Provincial legislation in workplace health and safety and seasonal hazards.

Protecting Your Roof Before and After a Storm

Your roof is a significant investment and needs to last for as long as possible. Unfortunately, Mother Nature sometimes has different plans.

Here, we look more closely at three actions homeowners can take to storm-proof their roofs.

To flush, or not to flush, that is the question:

The definition of “flushable” is, suitable for disposal down a toilet. Unfortunately, there seems to be a cloud of confusion when it comes to knowing what is flushable and what is not flushable when it comes to our bathroom habits.

The Benefits of Renovating

How renovations impact you psychologically.

Energy Savings with Home Control

A properly designed home control system can help increase your energy savings and save you money.

Bryan Baeumler – Venting bathrooms, stopping leaks, sloping drains

Wiping off your vanity countertop is not enough. The bathroom may be your hub of cleanliness, but mould, bacteria and other irritants could well be lurking underneath your tiles, especially if you love long showers. Bathrooms are an area where you get a high concentration of moisture, which can lead to mould, mildew, failing grout, rotting walls — you name it. So everything you put in there — whether a shower or cup surround — should be moisture-resistant. You should always be thinking about how to reduce the amount of condensation in that room. Otherwise, you’re looking at a lot of problems.

A Fuse to Breaker Panel Upgrade May Be Just What Your Home Needs

Upgrading your fuse panel to a breaker panel is a smart move that could make your life simpler, make your home safer and save you money!

How do Sewer Systems Work?

While we all contribute to sewage waste on a daily basis, most people don’t understand how sewer systems function, including how sewage waste is treated, the types of sewers that exist, and what common sewer issues that they may face. In this article, we examine everything you need to know about how sewer systems work, and how to recognize when you’re in need of sewer replacement or repair.

H20 – A Home’s Enemy

A home can be greatly compromised by the intrusion of water.  This issue can have an effect on our health, comfort, as well as damage our home and the contents within.  Quite often homeowners overlook several simple ways in which water can be managed to help keep it from finding its way into our homes.

What Maintenance Can I Perform Myself On My AC?

Couple tips on DIY maintenance for homeowners.

Tips for hiring a Contractor

When you make the decision to do a renovation it's an exciting time and no one would fault you for wanting to jump in with both feet.  Before you do hire the first contractor that comes up as result on your Google search though, there are a few important things you should consider.

Bryan Baeumler Answers your Questions

Tile over popcorn? Mildew on bathroom tiles? In-floor heating? Here are some questions answered by the man himself. 

Not Every Kid Learns The Same Way

You're frustrated, You've tried everything from changing your son's layout of his room to making his space less engaging. Changing the physical appearance and location of a child's "study space" can definitely help, but remember it may not fix everything.

Where Is my pool?

Almost every customer who purchases a swimming pool, at any time of year, wants to be the first pool to be installed in the spring.  There are also those that set their hearts on hosting a huge backyard gathering to celebrate the new pool, by a certain date. But there are several factors that effect how quickly that can happen, even if you look outside and see sunshine and grass growing and it looks like spring has arrived.

Helping with Social Distancing

We at R.E.I. & Co Home Inspections wanted to give you an update going forward in response to the current COVID-19 pandemic. The health and safety of our clients, referral partners and staff are our utmost priority during this time. 

What We Look at When We Assess Condition of A/C

At first glance, it may look bleak: you know you’re going to need either an AC repair or a new air conditioner. But you’re no air conditioning expert, and you want to make an informed decision.

Let the professionals at DunnClimateCare help answer your questions. 

A Paid Consultation Can Save You Money

Having a consultation with your Licensed Electrical Contractor about the specific, custom needs for your project can save money and time.

Bryan Baeumler Q&A – DIY – failure is price of admission

So you used the wrong paint. Or you didn’t get the right permit. Or you bored into your brick wall with the wrong tools. Don’t hammer yourself over the head about it. When it comes to being a DIY ace, failure is the price of admission. 

You are renovating and the “to do ” list is getting out of control!

You can feel absolutely over-loaded when it comes to decisions and running errands while renovating any part of your home. If you don't take care of the never ending list in your brain it's going to short circuit!