The attached info graphic comes from WorkSafe BC. This can help homeowners see po..." />

Asbestos in the home?

Steve Letendre April 12, 2017

The attached info graphic comes from WorkSafe BC. This can help homeowners see potential areas that asbestos products may have been used. We recently performed a follow up visit for a client as a possible asbestos containing product was found within the wall cavity and required further inspection. Your local inspector working with a qualified laboratory is a great resource in getting the answers you need. See below for more information on the Zonolite Attic insulation Trust and information from the CMHC.

"When it became evident that regular exposure to asbestos on the job involved health risks, the public became more concerned about exposure to asbestos in offices and schools, and, eventually, about all asbestos products. This concern has led to a dramatic decline in asbestos use since the early 1980s. The use of asbestos insulation in buildings and heating systems has virtually disappeared. Residential use, for roofing, flooring and appliances, continues to decrease. While alternative products are being developed to replace asbestos, products sold today containing asbestos are regulated under the Hazardous Products Act. Asbestos can be used safely, and public concern has led to improved product design and manufacture. Asbestos is now better encapsulated and sealed to reduce the escape of fibres. Asbestos is valuable in many applications because it has been difficult to find comparable substitute materials. For example, it is still an important component of brake lining and clutch facings

Health Canada states that the asbestos content of a product does not indicate its health risk. Asbestos poses health risks only when fibres are in the air that people breathe."

Financial assistance to homeowners with Zonolite attic insulation can receive support from the "Zonolite Attic Insulation Trust" for partial reimbursement of abatement costs.

Be sure you are eligible and see for information on Zonolite attic insulation or the for more.

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