How to Create the At-Home Office of Your Dreams

Stephen Weir October 24, 2018

As more and more people are shedding their corporate personas in exchange for entrepreneurial pursuits, the self-employed workforce is faced with the dilemma of converting a bedroom or nook into an office that can suit their needs. But if you’re low on space or lack the imagination to build a productive and attractive office space, we can help. Here’s how to create an at-home office of your dreams, courtesy of Baeumler Approved.
A Quiet Space
Is the only possible place to put a desk right next to the kid’s play area or the busy kitchen? You may have a hard time concentrating on the work at hand if you’re constantly trying to hear yourself think over the noise of your kids shouting or someone using the electric mixer. If you don’t have any choice, make sure your office has a door. If you really can’t handle auditory distractions, consider installing sound-proof insulation in the walls or investing in a white-noise machine.
A Comfortable Place to Work
If you’re a desk jockey, don’t cheap out on ill-suited furniture. You’ll regret paying less for that chair when it starts to give you back and neck pain. Remember that working at home doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the office necessities. Now’s your chance to invest in an ergonomic workstation, which has been proven to reduce office injury.
Working from home doesn’t necessarily mean you sit at a desk all day. But no matter what you do, you probably need storage for your office supplies, inventory, paperwork, art supplies, merchandise, business cards, etc. If your desk drawers just aren’t enough to take care of your storage needs, speak to a contractor who can design storage solutions that suit your budget and make it easy for you to stow and find your belongings.
Inspiring Furnishings
Unlike other rooms in the house, this is the one design area that doesn’t need someone else’s approval. As this is solely your office and since you’re the only person who has to like it, feel free to dress it up however you like it. Obsessed with all things pink and floral? Invest in inspiring floral-print wallpaper and a pink office chair. Can’t stand anything other than live-edge wood? Order a custom-made live-edge desk. The more you furnish your office to your liking, the more time you’ll want to spend in it, which means the more work you’ll accomplish.

Natural Light
Although it’s not always possible in some home setups, having natural light in your work area boosts productivity and makes you feel a little less like you’re stuck in a cubicle. If you do have access to a front window, position your desk as close as possible to take advantage of the natural light and its energizing properties. Don’t have access to a window but don’t want to face the nightmare of being shoved under fluorescent lighting? Recessed lighting and a desktop lamp can give your office a bright and homey feel without subjecting you to the buzzing and greenish hue of fluorescent bulbs.
A Place for Your Fluffy Co-worker
Your dog or cat may not be the most helpful co-worker, but that doesn’t stop them from visiting you during busy office hours. Their presence may be a tad on the distracting side, especially if they decide to use your keyboard as a blanket. Giving them their own special nook or bed may keep them content to nap close by.
Working from home comes with many rewards, but to take your at-home business seriously, it’s time to build an office that encourages hard work. Looking for a certified and Baeumler approved contractor in your area to help you with your at-home office upgrades? Find approved professionals or contact us today.

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