Frost in Your Attic? - How does it happen? How much damage can it cause? Can it be prevented?

Stacey Disotell February 01, 2019

Attic frost occurs during the extreme cold temperatures when your attic system does not have proper ventilation, adequate insulation, and properly sealed mechanical systems. Heat and moisture loss form the home into the attic creates a build up of frost on the underside of the roof deck much like frost on the inside of the windows of the yellow school buses we all rode when we were young. When the temperature warms up, all that frost melts and can create leaks into the home, moisture in the insulation causing it to settle and potentially create mold.

Signs of attic problems are ice dams on the roof, or icicles hanging form your eaves troughs. Moisture staining on interior ceilings below your attic. Left untouched, it can cause mold to build up, creating an unhealthy environment for you and your children. This moisture will also cause damages to the insulation, drywall, and potential structure of the home.

It can be prevented by ensuring your attic has proper air flow to ensure the attic is the same environment as the outside conditions. Topping up the insulation to an R40 or R50 value, and ensuring your attic hatch is properly sealed will not only will minimize heat lost into the attic, but will help on energy costs. Finally, ensuring all mechanical systems are sealed properly. Bath and range vents are piped properly and vented to the outside, and not leaking warm moist air into the attic.
Our team of service experts can assess your attic system and make all the necessary repairs and upgrades to keep your home protected, safe, and energy efficient. Call today and book your appointment or go to to learn more! Remember, there is more to your roof than just shingles!

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