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Dominic Blago November 29, 2016

During 2016, Blago Home Inspection is proud to have served customers all of over southern Ontario.  From London to Toronto, and even as far as Collingwood.  We are proud to be apart of the community that makes up our great province.  We have the great joy of working for clients, who for the most part, are excited to embark of a new adventure of a new home.

​There are many reasons that homes are neglected, and it is not always the fault of the home owner.  Sometimes circumstances prevent home owners from doing repairs.  This may not be an issue, if the repairs are to an item that is cosmetic, but sometimes home owners just don't have the money to repair essential items in their homes.  Families living without functioning heat, plumbing or appliances.

​In order, to give back to the community that we are so proudly apart of, Blago Home Inspection is looking for a family in need of an essential repair that cannot afford it.  We are asking the you, to nominate a family to get a free home repair for the Christmas season.  To reward those that would think of others during the holiday season, people that nominate a family will receive a $100 voucher to be used for a home inspection, repair or renovation of their own.

​To nominate a family, please email their information to info@blagohomeinspections.com

​Thank you for your support, and have a Merry Christmas.

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