The "A" WORD

Jeff Jans August 23, 2018

This product can be found in a number of home finishes and should be dealt with care and by the expertise of The Professional. It is found in products like roofing, siding, drywall, tile, insulation, and boiler wraps. It was produced prior to 1985 but can be found in newer structures so always better to be “Safe rather than Sorry”. Have it tested by a professional consultant, it’s the law.
That professional will confirm if you have it and then they help you find a reputable contractor that will remove it safely according to Ontario Ministry Regulations, eliminating any risks for you, the homeowner. This process is called asbestos abatement or remediation.
Once remediation is complete, the removed products will be sealed and double bagged, ready for removal and disposal from the worksite.
The products can’t be delivered to a regular transfer station or regular landfill. It must be transported properly and delivered to the right location for safe disposal according to MOE regulations.
This is where we come in, we will drop off a Budget Bin for the Asbestos, the professionals will load the asbestos into the Budget Bin, and our trained drivers will pick it up and bring it to an MOE approved disposal location.
Don’t let Asbestos be a worry for you or your family…Contact the professionals to deal with it Safely.

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