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Jeff Jans March 13, 2019

Are you considering a Spring Home Renovation, Demolition, Purge, Disposal, or Pool-Landscape Renovation?
Yes… Winter is long and very cold but Spring means New Life and New PROJECTS around the home to improve your property value or just beautify your space. Dream Big, it’s YOUR HOME.
You should consider a Baeumler Approved Contractor with a Great Reputation for any Kitchen, Bathroom, Basement, Driveway or Outdoor stone patio or deck construction!
Remember to think green and consider our environment when improving your home value and beautifying for your family’s enjoyment.
During demolition, tear out, or purge you are going to have to think about disposal of the “Old Stuff”, remember your waste may have value. Check out your options for disposal and your costs along with value of scrap metal disposal. Something to consider when thinking about your options is, do you want the convenience and speed of a disposal bin?  Are you willing to take the time and effort to slug it yourself to a local transfer station?
If you choose a “Baeumler Approved Contractor”, they may use a disposal bin. The Contractor can build the cost into your project or you can pay for that yourself. If you choose to deal with this directly, you can work with a Qualified Customer Service Specialist who can walk you through all the details for a temporary bin rental. Disposal bins can be used for garbage, top soil, concrete, rubble and wood, drywall, copper, metal pipes, appliances, old car parts laying around the shed or garage.
There are many Temporary Disposal Bin companies and options to choose from. Please remember to ask for your “ALL IN PRICE”. This will include the bin rental cost (don’t forget to ask how many days are included in the rental), the cost per Metric Tonne along with Minimum Charge Metric Tonne, the fuel surcharge based on the market price of Diesel Fuel and HST. As you can see, the  “ALL IN COST” will make sure you are “comparing apples to apples” and there are no surprises afterwards.
Another thing to consider is look for a reputable Disposal Bin service company so that the bin gets there on time. Waiting for a disposal bin can cost the homeowner or contractor MUCH more than a $20 difference in bin rental charges for a week if its hours late or doesn’t arrive at all.
As with anything, it is important to do your homework and choose qualified professionals and remember the line “you get what you pay for”. As Bryan Baeumler says, “home renovation is not easy so don’t get a headache” choose a professional.
Get ready for the PROJECT completion on time. Enjoy your home project this Summer with Family & Friends!
All the Best,
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