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About Bayloch Homes Ltd.

BayLoch is family owned and operated by two brothers (James and Brendan) and their father (Jim), who are all proud Calgarians. James and Brendan were born and raised in Calgary and Jim was born in Medicine Hat, but has lived in Calgary most of his life. To us, BayLoch encompasses everything we believe in – family.  ‘Bay’ stems from our flagship home we worked tirelessly on for two years in the community of Bayview. And ‘Loch’ stems from our father’s Scottish and entrepreneurial spirit. It is a Gaelic word for a sea inlet. To us, Loch signifies calm but collective strength and perseverance, all of which are vital for our company’s success and continued growth.

Since we were kids, we’ve been finding ways to solve problems, do our part to control outcomes and, when the right moment comes, swing for the fences.  We will always do what’s right for our customers.

We had a distinct vision for the beginning stages of our company and have many exciting ideas for the future. The true potential of BayLoch however, will be realized when we team up with people like you.


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