Quick Tip - Layout is Important

Renato Celebre July 12, 2019

It’s always a good idea to measure out your room before you select your tile because layout is important. You don’t just start in a corner and lay your tile, you have to see if that particular tile will work in the chosen room. Say in a shower you go to centre the shower and the tile is 24” x 48” in size but due to the constraints of the shower, you waste 40% of the tile just to fit it into that application. It’s not cost effective.


Every great tile layout starts at the centre.


You probably should go with a smaller tile and it’s going to look nicer, because you’re going to see more of the tile and you’re sure not to end up with slivers as well. When you are doing your layout you have to make sure you centre. You might use a 24’x24”  tile and find out your going to have a ½ “ piece or a ⅛” piece. It’s not going to look nice. You have to make sure that you have measurements before you go and select your tile.


Contact us at Celebre for your next project. We supply, install and guarantee our work for both regular tile, and thin porcelain slabs.


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