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About Cambellton Homes

The team at Cambellton Homes has been building quality homes for local families since 2006. Their unbeatable customer service and quality home construction provides their clients with an enjoyable experience, right through to possession of a well-built home. What truly differentiates them is their attention to detail, and the passion for building perfection they bring to every project. Cambellton Homes focuses on a limited number of homes each year, to ensure they can meticulously manage every detail involved in building your new home. This focused approach ensures a quality home in which you can “feel the attention” that has gone into every detail. Cambellton Homes manages the building aspects of your home ensuring quality of construction throughout the project from beginning to completion.

They have a strong project management background spanning over twenty years, which has provided superior organizational and people skills. Their business and financial background, combined with a keen eye for design, helps them to manage the business aspects of the company as well as assisting clients with the design and color choices in their new home. As your custom home builders, their skill sets ensures you will move into your new home and be very happy with the results. They are also very fortunate to work with some of the best craftsmen in the industry, and it’s evident in the quality of the workmanship of every Cambellton Home. Pride in their product does not end with the presentation of the keys. They know that the future of Cambellton Homes depends on their long term reputation, customer satisfaction, and the retained value of every home they build. “We are very fair. We know that building a home is the single largest investment that most people make, so for the dollars spent, you deserve to have a beautiful home”.

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