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About Choice Cabinet Company

Quality Workmanship + Quality Cabinets = Satisfied Customers

How often have you noticed your guests tend to gather in your kitchen before a meal. As kitchen installers, we want your kitchen to be as comfortable as it is functional and shine as one of your home's most elegant rooms. 

When we first started installing kitchens, we were unhappy with the parts, hardware, and cabinetry that was being offered for kitchen installations. Families spend an immense amount of time in their kitchens and the fixtures in the room have to withstand massive changes in temperature from stoves and ovens and changes in moisture from sinks, dishwashers and cooking activities. Some cabinet companies were using 3/8" shelving which buckled after a couple of months under the weight of glassware, pots and other cookware. cus

We wanted quality cabinets that matched our quality installation - a kitchen that would look great and stand up to the rigors of years of cooking and hosting. That's why we're proud to be Ontario's premier supplier of Choice Cabinets as our kitchen cabinet manufacturer of choice. These Canadian assembled cabinets come on top of the line hardware and manufacturing out of the box. Our shelving is 5/8" to guarantee no sagging for the lifetime of your cupboards and cabinets. We then top our cabinets with Lakelands marble and granite countertops, a superior choice in countertop finish.

If you feel like the kitchen in your home is laid out inefficiently, you're probably correct. Default builders don't often think out cooking tasks when installing kitchens, opting to put sinks, dishwashers, stoves, and ovens where it is convenient for them. When you work with Choice Cabinets Canada, we work with you to fix inefficient kitchens. Need extra plugs, lights, or even more natural light through additional windows? We use computer-assisted design software to show you what your new kitchen will look like. 3D renderings help you see what your finished kitchen will look like before we even order any of the cabinets.

We're proud to be Canada's supplier of Choice Cabinet quality products. Give us a call today to start the consultation process and get yourself into the kitchen you deserve, by design.




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