Ins and Outs of Hiring a Painting Contractor

Todd Lacroix April 19, 2020

If you’re thinking about purchasing a new home, or if you have already, you might be thinking about brightening the place up with a fresh coat of paint. Paint can take turn a somewhat drab or dull interior into something rejuvenated, clean and attractive. It’s also the least complicated way to completely change the look and feel of a space and will add value to your new home as well.

Hiring painters in Oakville has many benefits. They are skilled, experienced house painters who have years of practical experience. This experience will make the difference between a professional finish and noticeable amateur DIY job. Just like hiring any contractor to work on your home, there are certain precautions and considerations you should be aware of. Here are some ins and outs of hiring painting contractors:

Do a thorough background check.

Before you hire painting companies to work on your project, make sure you do a thorough background check on them. That includes asking to see a business license, insurance and proof of WCB coverage. In addition to these things, check Baeumler Approved. Remember that nobody is perfect, so seeing a complaint that has been resolved on the BBB means that contractor cares enough to make things right and could still be worth hiring.

Check their references.

While a paint job is still going to be less expensive than a major home remodel, painting an entire house is still a large investment. Making sure the painting companies you hire have a proven track record for quality work and good customer service is very important. Ask if you can speak with a few of their previous clients and to see photos of their finished work.

Get a detailed estimate.

Painting contractors that give your home a quick eyeball and provide a verbal estimate on site shouldn’t be trusted. A reputable contractor will give you a written estimate that includes a breakdown of all the costs including labour and materials. Ask them to include things like cost to prep the walls, including filling holes and sanding, removing wallpaper and so on. You should also have the quote include the number of coats required, the brand and quality of paint they are going to use and the amount of time the project with take.

Be picky on paint quality.

House painters should be using high quality paint and if you’re providing the materials, opt for the high quality of paint you can afford. Low quality paints can fade over time and sometimes rub off a little each time you wash down the walls. You want to invest in a paint that will last for years to come. Learn more about the benefits of painting your home.

Get a detailed contract, in writing.

Since you already got a detailed estimate before choosing to hire the painting contractor, it should be no problem to get the same details in a written contract. A contract should also include their payment requirements. For example, painting contractors might require a deposit at the beginning and the rest when the job is complete. Don’t hire a contractor that insists on 100% of the payment before the job starts.

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