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About Pro Post Foundations

PRO POST FOUNDATIONS specializes in the helical pile installation for different kinds of projects such as Deck, House addition, Shed, Gazebo, Garage, Foundation repairs and so much more. What ever project you have in mind, you want it to last and resist to the changing seasons. Harsh winters and spring thaws affect soil composition; therefore, you must ensure that your patio, garage, solarium, dock, etc. lay on solid foundations. Choose helical piles instead of sonotubes. When it comes to cost-effectiveness, sustainability and safety, screw piles are without a doubt the best choice!

PRO POST FOUNDATIONS is your screw pile specialist in the surrounding Ottawa, Prescott-Russell and Cornwall region!

To install screw piles, our professional installers use specialized equipment such as mini Kubota tractors, which makes a huge difference! This mini tractor is designed for all types of soils and limits property damage, thanks to its turf tires and mini rear excavator that precisely positions the screw piles. What’s more, the equipment used to install the screw piles is so efficient that work is completed in one day, even in less accessible areas.

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