Daryl Berden September 02, 2019

We’re almost through 2019 already, and we’re seeing some exciting trends for kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and renovations too! Dark, bold styles, high tech features, and eye-catching tile patterns are seeing a surge in popularity among homeowners. If you have been thinking about updating your home’s kitchen or bathroom,  Ridgewater Homes is the company to do it for you. With certified professionals from Ridgewater, you can be sure that your kitchen and bathroom is trendy and stylish, with all features installed safely and correctly.


Dark and bold fixtures

Dark hardware is making a statement with black faucets and shower-heads popping up in trendy magazines. Basic features that have been trending for years are still popular, but the look of black hardware or the bold resurgence in gold and brass hardware is one that will bring your kitchen and bathroom into 2020.

Interesting tile patterns

There has been the subway tile craze in bathrooms and as backsplash for the last several years, but renovators are shaking things up!  Consider patterns like chevron, 3D or hexagons for your space. Having your tile as a focal piece in your home is one of the growing trends and homeowners are loving it. Tiles don’t have to just fade into the background, or be utilitarian; they can be fun and bold. Ridgewater can give you some ideas for your kitchen or bathroom upgrade.

High tech features in the kitchen and bathroom

Another trend in home renovations is using high tech features in the kitchen and bathrooms. For example, you can install a built-in Bluetooth speaker in your bathroom. Or install voice activated lighting for the middle of the night snack runs and never have to look for the kitchen light switch again. There are touch-less faucets for the kitchen and bathroom, so you don’t have to touch it with your dirty hands. We’re living in the age of technology. If you’re interested in some of these modern upgrades, talk to a professional like Ridgewater.

Who is Ridgewater Homes

Ridgewater Homes is the company that you can trust for your custom build, home renovation, heritage restoration or commercial. Our focus is complete customer satisfaction. At Ridgewater Homes, we are passionate about the services we provide to our customers. Ridgewater Homes cares just as much about what goes into our customer’s homes, as what we would put into our own.

Let’s Build Something Great!

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