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About Ranflaz Reno Deco

Onur Oflaz has been in the renovation industry as a drywall taper and painter for over 15 years now. He started working with and learned from some of the best teams in Toronto and with their guiding, and his eagerness, he has worked to better himself in the field. His diligence has led him to many large scale projects, however, he does enjoy working on smaller projects that reflect great pleasure in clients’ faces. His business is painting and drywall, however he is a firm believer that transforming people’s intimate spaces into what they envision, and beyond, gives the ultimate satisfaction. This has been the single source of motivation that has been fuelling Onur's enthusiasm for his craft. 

Onur regularly meets with the managers at the paint stores and product reps,  attends seminars and workshops when he has the time between jobs. He strongly believes that education is one of the most important elements of any trade. He is constantly seeking out changes in product, application techniques and equipment to deliver the superior quality all clients deserve.


    Basement Renovation