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About R.H Company

 At RH Company we believe in:


  • WIN/WIN RELATIONSHIPS: A win/win relationship means that the customer and organization wins. Win/win is a frame of heart and mind that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all interactions, and as a result, clear expectations are established. 

  • 100% OF WHAT'S PROMISED: Our commitment to our customers doesn't begin when they sign our contract, it begins at the first contact. Our service commitment guarantee and commitment to integrity is a promise to the customer. Every communication, written or verbal, must be complete and as accurate as possible. By keeping our promises, win/win relationships are made.


  • ON TIME: On time means keeping our promise of delivery if a specific time or date were given. Changing our schedule needs to come with the realization that another's schedule will be affected. Being respectful of other's time is our most important commitment.


  • QUALITY STANDARDS: Our commitment is to offer our clients the very best products and services. We do this by utilizing qualified people, getting materials from suppliers of integrity, performing our work always with respect to our customer's priorities and environment, and delivering each job completely with each component functioning properly and cosmetically correct. 


  • A POSITIVE ATTITUDE: We will always keep in mind that we're in business to serve others. To provide that service grudgingly or reluctantly defeats our purpose. Courtesy and respect aren't extras but are the right of each person we interact with. 


   Why you'll want to work with us:


  • Itemized detailed estimates, helping you effectively plan your budget

  • Detailed contractual agreements for peace of mind 

  • 10% customer holdback offer

  • Statement of warranty

  • Free 3D illustrated design layouts

  • All required permits

  • Supervisors on site daily 

  • Ontario building renovator license

  • A $5,000,000 liability insurance policy and WSIB insurance coverage



    Basement Renovation

    General Contractor

    Kitchen Renovation

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