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Membership Policy

Baeumler Approved Inc. Membership Policies

1 Payment Policy

1.1 Member will pay a monthly/annual fee plus applicable tax. BAI may in its sole discretion increase such fees at any time upon notice to Member.

1.2 Annual Memberships shall renew annually unless Member advises BAI of its intention to terminate its Membership at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the then current annual period. Monthly memberships are subject to cancellation at any time, given a thirty (30) day notice period.

1.3 Member authorizes Baeumler Approved to charge the credit card, complete funds transfer, or bank debit provided by Member at the time of registration in connection with all Fees for such renewal periods until such time as Member cancels its Membership.

1.4 All Fees are non-refundable and there are no refunds or credits for partially used annual periods of a Membership. Member may cancel its Membership by emailing approved@baeumler.ca with thirty (30) days notice before next payment period.

1.5 Member will receive an email with a receipt of payment. If the payment fails, the member will be notified via email. Payment will continue to be attempted to process until such time as the payment is complete or the member cancels their membership. After fifteen (15) days of non-payment a Baeumler Approved staff member will reach out to resolve the issue.

1.6 After three (3) days of non-payment member profile will be removed from public view on the Baeumler Approved website. Profile will become visible to the public upon completion of all outstanding membership fees.

1.7 Members are responsible for maintaining accurate payment information. If there is any reason why a member cannot make a membership payment, they are responsible for contacting Baeumler Approved staff to make alternate payment arrangements.

2 Insurance Records Maintenance

2.1 Proof of valid Liability Insurance for a minimum of $1,000,000 is required for membership approval.

2.2 Member is responsible for maintaining accurate insurance policy information if there is a change to the policy or insurance company. Insurance information must also be updated each year upon the renewal date.

2.3 The member will be notified by email one (1) week prior to the expiry date of their insurance information, and again on the date of expiry. If the insurance information has not been updated after the expiry, the member will be notified through email.

2.4 During the period when a members’ insurance information is expired it will be flagged on their public profile and status will be visible to the public. Upon updating insurance information, the notice will be removed from the public profile.

2.5 Membership payments will continue while a member profile is flagged for expired insurance. During this time, the public is still able to access the members’ profile and the member continues to have access to Baeumler Approved branding and benefits.

2.6 Members are responsible for keeping their Liability Insurance information accurate and up to date. Members must provide their updated policy information, Baeumler Approved staff will not reach out to insurance companies on a members’ behalf. If a member is not able to update their insurance information for any reason it is their responsibility to reach out to Baeumler Approved to discuss the issue.

3 Cancellation Policy and Procedure

3.1 A member can cancel their membership at any time by emailing approved@baeumler.ca with their request. Thirty (30) days notice is required to process cancellations.

3.2 All fees paid prior to the cancellation request are non-refundable. This includes annual membership fees paid when a member cancels before the end of the membership term.

3.3 Cancellation of membership must be requested by the member before membership fees will be stopped.

3.4 Non-payment does not constitute a cancellation request from a member. However, non-payment is grounds for cancellation by Baeumler Approved staff.

3.5 In the event that Baeumler Approved staff deem it necessary to terminate a membership the member will be notified via email. Baeumler Approved reserves the right to terminate any membership they determine to have violated any terms of membership or to be misrepresenting the Baeumler Approved brand.

3.6 When a membership is cancelled for any reason the member must cease and desist all Baeumler Approved association, use of branding including the following:

3.6.1 Making reference either verbally or anywhere whatsoever in any marketing or other business materials that you are Baeumler Approved.

3.6.2 Including in emails, social media or marketing materials the trademarks or other intellectual property of Baeumler.

3.6.3 Indicating on your business cards that you provide Baeumler Approved services or are in any other way associated with Baeumler.

3.6.3 Taking any other actions whatsoever which would have the effect of creating the impression that you are in any way affiliated or enjoy some relationship with Baeumler.

3.7 A members’ failure to comply with the above conditions of cancellation may be subject to the following:

3.7.1 Membership payments will be deducted until Baeumler Approved has been formally notified of removal of all Baeumler Approved affiliation, including logos and branding on websites, promotional material and social media.

3.7.2 – Baeumler Approved may exercise their right to pursue legal action to ensure the protection of our trademarked brand.

4 Homeowner/Other Complaints

4.1 Any and all complaints against a member submitted to Baeumler Approved will be kept on file in the members’ history.

4.2 Baeumler Approved will request a summary of events and supporting documents from the party who submitted the complaint. This information will be sent to the member in question for review and response.

4.3 Baeumler Approved requires all members to be notified of a complaint against them. Members are required to provide a written response to the submitted complaint with an explanation regarding the issue. The response must be submitted to Baeumler Approved within 5 days of receipt of the notice of complaint.

4.4 As per the members code of conduct all members are required to make a good faith effort to resolve the issues for the party who submitted the complaint. Any efforts that have been made should be documented and submitted to Baeumler Approved for membership records.

4.5 Baeumler Approved reserves the right to suspend or cancel the membership of any member who does not comply with any of the above stated terms.

4.6 Members who are found to be in breach of the Baeumler Approved Member Code of Conduct (See section 6) may be cancelled at the discretion of Baeumler Approved staff.

5 Use of Branding

5.1 The Baeumler Approved logo must only be used in conjunction with a members’ company logo.

5.2 The Baeumler Approved logo must be no larger than half the size of the member company logo.

5.3 The Baeumler Approved logo must not be used multiple time in the same document or display.

5.3.1 For example, the logo must appear no more than once per side of a vehicle, business card or media.

5.4 The Baeumler Approved logo must not be used in conjunction with any images, decals, wording or endorsement that may be perceived as offensive, partisan, or defamatory to the public, the Baeumler Approved brand, or any other brand.

5.5 Bryan Baeumler’s name, likeness, or image must not be used without explicit permission of Baeumler Approved. Only the use of officially sanctioned imagery is permitted by Baumler Approved members.

5.6 Any contravention in use of the Baumler Approved logo could result in immediate termination of the offending party’s membership without reimbursement of membership dues.

6 Code of Conduct

6.1 Members agree to uphold the following code of conduct:

6.1.1 Treat customers and homeowners with courtesy and respect.

6.1.2 Provide written quotes that are reasonable, honest, and fair.

6.1.3 Communicate project status to the customer in an honest manner and on a timely basis.

6.1.4 Complete work to a professional standard.

6.1.5 Comply with all federal, provincial/state and municipal by-laws and safety regulations.

6.1.6 Provide employees with proper training required to ensure a safe environment.

6.1.7 Maintain Insurance coverage and ensure compliant with all health and safety regulations.

6.1.8 Maintain a clean workspace and respect the property of the homeowner.

6.1.9 Always use a certified professional sub-trade when and where applicable.

6.1.10 Represent yourself as an independent contractor who is Baumler Approved.

6.1.11 Not represent yourself as an employee of Bryan Baeumler and the Baeumler Group of companies or imply in any way that there is common ownership between your company and the Baumler Group of companies.

6.2 A member found to be in breach of the code of conduct listed above can have their membership terminated immediately.