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New Season of “Bryan, Inc.” Explores Partnership

Hold on to your hardhats! The new season of Bryan, Inc. premieres this Sunday on HGTV!

This season explores the continuing journey of Bryan and Sarah, as they pool their talents in the construction business. Sarah is working directly with clients to help them plan their renovations and beautiful interiors for their homes and determine priorities. As usual, Bryan takes the lead on getting the projects to completion, but not without a few trials along the way.

In part, Bryan, Inc. explores the intersection of home ownership and interpersonal partnership. From budget battles to design disputes, you’ll see all the ways in couples navigate their renovations, manage their expectations, and move past the disagreements to help create truly beautiful living spaces. Designing your future is never straightforward, especially when it comes to home renovations, and in this show you’ll get a first-hand inside look into how different couples (including Bryan and Sarah) navigate the challenges and avoid the pitfalls.

We all want to have our own way when it comes to something as personal as our living space. In reality though, buying or renovating a home as a couple is all about prioritization and compromise. One half of the couple may want a huge beautiful bathroom renovation, while the other only cares about basement upgrades. Knowing which projects to tackle immediately head-on, and which can wait, is part of the long equation of deciding how to move forward on a project. Often this is also comes down to budget (what you can actually afford to do in the short-term) and timing (where you are in your life, and where you will aim to be years, or decades, down the road). If you can learn to balance these concerns, you will be able to grow along with your plan, and you’ll one day find yourself living in your own personal dream home.

Bryan, Inc. will help you start to develop that understanding, and help you learn how to accomplish these things as part of a true partnership.