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New Years Resolutions for Your Home

By: C. Gibson

With the New Year upon us, it’s time for the traditional setting (and perpetual adjusting) of goals. Virtually everyone starts to think about self-improvement during this season, but what about improving your living space? While you are setting goals for yourself, consider that the concept of self-improvement can also encompass the space we inhabit. Here are a few New Years resolutions for your home.

Reduce the Consumption (and Costs!)
Reduction is the name of the game during this time of year, whether it’s cutting your calorie intake or reducing the energy consumption of your home.

Start with your air system. HVAC systems and air ducts can be the biggest culprits in sucking the energy out of your home. Having properly sealed and insulated vents and ducts can greatly increase your heating/cooling efficiency, and the savings can add up to several hundred dollars per year.
Another quick win on the energy front is to switch to more efficient lighting. LED bulbs can last for decades under normal use, and can amount to significant energy savings if used consistently.

Cut the Clutter
You’ve probably got a room or two that need reorganizing. Whether it’s the garage workshop that’s gotten out of control, or that odd little storage space under your basement stairs, use all the time you’re spending indoors to tackle that long-delayed cleanup project.
Consider what other storage options you can use to de-clutter. Put up new shelving, find a cool new organizer or wall unit, and simplify your life!

Clear the Air
Even in the dead of winter, conditioned indoor air can contain all kinds of nasty stuff: dust, pollen, spores and molds, even airborne microbes and viruses.
Make sure you use quality air filters on your furnace and HVAC system. For problem areas, you can find stand-alone filtering units. And for rooms like the kitchen or bathroom, you can install better fans or vents, ensuring that the exhaust systems vent the bad air to outside your home. 
While we’re looking to improve how we live, it can also be rewarding as homeowners to look at ways to improve where we live.

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