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Every home needs electrical wiring for its most basic functions, including lighting, running appliances, and heating. The quality of your electrical work will keep your home safe from sparks, fires, and damage to your electronics. It is particularly important for electricians to be licensed and insured so that you can be confident they have the knowledge to perform their job properly, and the insurance to cover the both of you if a mistake is made.

A Baeumler Approved electrician in must demonstrate that they have a license and must also demonstrate that they have active liability insurance of at least $1,000,000. These are very good reasons to choose an electrician who is Baeumler Approved.

Electrical Services

Most home renovations that are more than just a coat of paint require some kind of electrical work. Removing a wall from your home will require rearranging your wiring. Adding an appliance or fixture may require altering your wiring too. Even outdoor projects, such as adding pools and lighting, can also require the expertise of a general electrician.

As their work is so common across different renovation projects, electricians need to coordinate with other professionals in order to do their work at the right time. When electricians apply to the Baeumler Approved program, we ask the other contractors they work with how it is to coordinate with them. Only those that are diligent, flexible, and impress the other contractors become approved.

Safety Concerns

There are many building codes dedicated to electrical work, and changes are made all of the time to make our electrical systems even safer. For a homeowner, keeping up with these codes is challenging. There are different rules for residential and commercial work, and also for electrical work in living spaces as opposed to garages. In the end, you need an electrician that you can trust to follow the building codes, and keep you updated on changes that might affect you. We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that every Baeumler Approved electrician is one you can trust.

What about when something goes wrong? You may need an electrician on an emergency basis, and many Baemuler Approved contractors offer emergency services. With a proven track record of customer service, we know that they all are also dedicated to fixing any errors that they make until you are satisfied.

Why Choose a Baeumler Approved Electrician?

Baeumler Approved electricians are required to hold themselves to our Code of Conduct that requires excellent treatment of customers, staff members, and other tradesmen they work with. Electricians must abide by relevant by-laws and building codes. They must also put in a good faith effort to address the concerns of any customer who is unsatisfied.

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