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Landscaping/Yard Maintenance

Your home’s or property’s green space is one of its biggest assets. Or, it can be, with the right landscape design and build company, or property management company from . Landscapers can add beautiful features to your space and revitalize your plants and garden beds. They can also keep your space maintained moving forward, so you don’t have to spend hours keeping it green.

Property management companies can offer even more for commercial property owners. These companies can maintain the property, keep it safe, and even handle other tasks inside of your building. You can have a property management company handle every aspect of running your business if you like.

Landscape Contractors Services

Landscape contractors in do much more than just lay sod. Especially in recent years, as outdoor kitchens have become more popular, the best landscapers have expanded their skills so that they can offer many more design and installation services. You can find Baeumler Approved contractors who can design and build these features:

  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Pools and spas
  • Pool houses and sheds
  • Retaining walls
  • Water features like ponds and waterfalls
  • Fire features, including outdoor fireplaces
  • Landscape lighting
  • Garden beds

There are many stylistic options for your landscape too. Quality landscape designers can create English cottage gardens, drought-resistant gardens, rock gardens, native plant gardens, Asian-inspired gardens, Spanish villa gardens, and much more. Check out their gallery to see if they create garden styles that you like.

Property Management

There is some overlap between property management companies and landscaping companies, however they have different areas they focus on. Like landscapers, property management (especially residential property management ) focuses on keeping the outside of your property clean, safe and beautiful. Property managers may handle snow removal, mow the grass, remove litter, maintain parking lots and more.

However, property managers can also take on other, more in-depth tasks. Commercial property managers can fill vacancies in the building, handle tenant communication, deal with indoor safety issues, run events and programs for the building, and do so much more. Each property manager offers a slightly different range of services, usually divided up into packages. Spend time exploring these features and be sure that you get the right ones for yourself and your property.

Why Chose a Baeumler Approved Landscaping Company or Property Management Company?

The quality of your property and the way that it is managed will affect its long-term value. If you work with a poor quality landscaper, they may make decisions that are very costly to fix, like ruining the seal on a driveway, building a retaining wall improperly, mowing into a young tree, or undermining the quality of your soil. In contrast, a quality landscaper will help you make decisions to improve the quality of your landscape. The same goes for a quality property manager, who can help you get quality tenants, build stronger relationships with them, and improve your building to match your market.

The Baeumler Approved program has carefully selected both kinds of professionals who are dedicated to doing quality work, for the long-term. Find one here.