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Windows, Doors, Caulking, Glass Railings

Windows, doors, and railings may seem like extras, but they can define the style of your home, and can significantly impact your home’s energy efficiency too. Sometimes just adding new caulking to great quality doors and windows can help seal your home against the temperature outside of your home. Other times, your home may be due for a complete upgrade of the windows, doors, and maybe even the railings too. Choosing a Baeumler Approved contractor in for these tasks can help you get the results and looks that you want.

Window Contractors

What kind of glazings, insulating gases, and styles are right for your new windows? Or would a simple refresh of caulking work for your needs and home? If you’re selling, or just looking to improve your windows for yourself, a window contractor can help you make the right decisions for your budget and for your home’s style. Don’t forget to ask them about the framing material for your windows, vinyl and wood offer different pros and cons. Wood may be more expensive, but it is more insular and affected by temperature changes more.

Not ready to replace all of your windows? Many window contractors also offer repairs.

Door Contractors

Doors can change your curb appeal, enhance the style of your home’s interior, and also keep the cold outside in the winter and the heat outside in the summer. There are many options for door types that you can consider, including:

  • French doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Barn doors
  • Storm doors
  • Metal doors
  • Wood doors
  • Vinyl doors

Of course, these doors are available at many price points and in different styles and finishes, so it is best to get a professional’s opinion on what would work best for you.

Not looking to change your doors? Some door contractors offer repairs too. They can fix doors that slam shut, won’t close, struggle to swing, and have various other problems.


Glass railings are a great option for inside and outside your home. They are a highly modern railing option that looks crisp in most homes. Don’t just use glass for stairs, you can also add them to loft areas, partitions for indoor and outdoor areas, or to block off the second floor that overlooks a living room or other space with an extra high ceiling.

Why Choose a Baeumler Approved Window, Door, or Railing Company?

You can find window contractors, door contractors, and railing contractors in that specialize in their own area. Or, some professionals tackle two or more of these home improvements because they have a lot in common. You can find quality professionals who specialize in all of these areas through the Baeumler Approved program. We approve only those contractors who have demonstrated experience, skill, and commitment to excellence.