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Wood framing is the support system of our homes, the bones that give it structure and that support all of the other critical systems, such as the plumbing and electrical. Adding framing, removing a wall, and other wood projects in your home are best done by framing contractors and carpentry companies.

If you’re looking for a local carpenter, you want to choose one that can create the right floor plan for your project, work well with other professionals, and stand behind their work. That’s why you should choose a carpenter who is Baeumler Approved.

The Importance of Carpentry

Wood makes up the framing of most homes, including in the roof and the walls. The quality of the wood, including its species and how straight it is, will impact the quality of your home. So will the workmanship of the wood. Each joint should be tight, every member should be the right space apart, and the overall framing should match your plan for the space, of course.

How Does Framing Work?

There are two major types of framing: balloon framing and platform framing.

These days, balloon framing is rare. It has the wall studs go from the floor on the first floor of the home to the ceiling on the second floor of a home. Not only is this stressful for the lumber, asking each stud to hold too much weight, but continuous framing like this can also spread fire through the home.

Instead, your framing should be platform framing. The wood inside of the wall only runs up one story. Each stud stops at the ceiling of the floor it is on. The frame for the first floor creates a platform for the second-floor framing. The next floors, if there are any, are supported by the frame below them.

You should expect your framing contractors in to have more detailed knowledge about the exact best way to frame your renovation project.

Why Choose a Baeumler Approved Framing Company?

When a carpenter or framing company applies to become Baeumler Approved, we speak to the other companies they have worked with to find out if they work well with others and produce quality work. These are especially important characteristics for a framing contractor because they work so closely with electricians, plumbers, and other contractors who work on a job site.

Plus, we also look into a Baeumler Approved contractor’s performance in the eyes of their clients. Homeowners just like you have told us about how great it was to work with the carpenters we have on our list. And, each carpenter has to agree to our code of conduct, so that they maintain that standard of service moving forward.

Many carpenters have wide-ranging skills, working with more than wood. You may be surprised at what a carpenter from can bring to your home renovation project. Find a professional today.