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5 Deck Building Guidelines to Follow  

Are you trying to learn how to build a deck? If you’re new to construction, it is a surprisingly detailed process. Proper design and technique will be critical if you want to keep your deck safe to use. As you gather knowledge and start to plan your deck, use these five guidelines for deck building […]

4 Questions to Ask Your Patio Contractor

A new patio can bring your outdoor entertaining game up a notch, make your home more valuable, and provide plenty of other benefits. But the last thing you want is for that patio to be hard to maintain, with loose stones, weeds, and tripping hazards. Installing the patio right the first time is the most […]

apartment in garage

How to Renovate a Garage into an Apartment

A garage renovation is like a miniature version of a total home renovation. If you want to turn your garage into a space that is fit to live in and not just store your car in, you’ll have to make major changes to it. Here’s a brief rundown of the major things to consider when […]

Choosing the Right Backsplash Tile

Selecting the right tile for your backsplash can be overwhelming. Here are some points to consider before venturing out to your local tile store.  

Commercial Contractor

How to Choose a Commercial Contractor   

Your organization might have guidelines on how many quotes to get from commercial contractors. But, from there, you’re essentially on your own choosing a contractor for your project. Commercial projects tend to involve a lot of investment and should help your business succeed over time. So, choosing the right commercial contractor is critical. Here is […]

How to Plan a Basement Renovation

You’re finally ready to tackle the basement and turn it into the practical, beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of. The process of planning the renovation is as important as the work itself and will ultimately dictate the quality of the final result and our experience during the renovation itself. Here are a few tips to […]

woman working from home with her pet dog

How to Plan a Renovation While You Work from Home

Planning an office renovation, or the renovation of any part of your home when you work from home can be challenging. No one wants to live, or work, in a construction zone. But making time for a renovation can dramatically improve your productivity and work-life balance. Here’s how you can plan and execute a renovation […]

Key points when choosing a Contractor

A few things to think about when hiring a contractor from The Candu Group. www.thecandugroup.com

DIY Inspection Tip: Condensation / Icy Windows

Explanation and solutions for excessive condensation and ice forming on interior of house windows in cold weather.

What Baeumler Approved Means to Us.

At this year’s Calgary Fall Home Show, we at Floorscapes got a special treat. As members of the Baeumler Approved Network, we had the privilege of meeting Bryan Baeumler himself.

Not surprisingly, the HGTV star is as down-to-earth as he appears on camera, a good ol’ Canadian boy with solid industry values.

Simple Furnace Fix Ð Change Your Filter This Winter

Showcasing the importance of your furnace filter and why changing it is a good idea.

Why is my Furnace Filter Black?

Stop Asking “Why is My Furnace Filter Black.” Get to the Bottom of It!

Why Does My Furnace Make Loud Noises? – The Common Causes of Furnace Noise

Frustrated? Asking Yourself "Why Does My Furnace Make Loud Noises?" Get an Inspection Today!

Help! My Furnace Leaks Water When The AC is Running

Prevent water leaks and breakdowns by servicing your equipment and having peace of mind.

What Maintenance Can I Perform Myself On My AC?

Couple tips on DIY maintenance for homeowners.

The Benefits of Renovating

How renovations impact you psychologically.

Renovation Ideas That Maximize Storage And Minimize Clutter

When you first purchase a home, it is hard to know how your needs may change and how you’ll need your home to change along with you.  If you add kids, pets, a home-based business or hobbies to your lifestyle, the storage and spaces used to organize your items may no longer work. 
Do you need to move? Not necessarily!  There is so much you can do within your current home to maximize the space and still make it work for you.  It is worth speaking to a trusted home renovation professional about custom renovations to find out more about building more storage for your home.

Spring For These 5 Bathroom Renovation Ideas

The Spring season is a very busy time for renovations and upgrading bathrooms is a popular choice. Whether it’s the warmer weather that gets you motivated to change things up or that you are ready to put the planning you’ve done over winter into action, domilya Group can help you redefine your bathroom. 

Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home

When the cold weather finally starts to dissipate and the sun starts to stream through the windows, many people jump into Spring cleaning mode. Spring is a time for new beginnings (and also tax refunds!) and a great time to get your home ready to enjoy during the warmer months.

How To Know If You’ve Hired the Wrong Contractor (and What To Do About It)

Hiring a contractor for your home improvement project can be stressful and time-consuming. Luckily, Baeumler Approved helps you find professionals with a great track record. But even good companies can have bad projects. What happens on the off-chance that you hire a company who's not living up to your expectations?

Learn how to recognize the warning signs of and what you can do to turn a renovation around, and protect yourself. 

Investing – In New Renovations

Well researched renovations can be a way to increase the value in your biggest investment, your home. 

A SeniorÕs Guide to Selecting Service Providers

In today’s modern world, regardless of your age, it can feel overwhelming to come to a decision of which professional company to select for various services, including junk removal. However, many seniors fall prey to schemes and scams that target those who are most vulnerable. Here are the key characteristics of legitimate companies and employees, which everyone should keep an eye out for.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The benefits of renting a dumpster and how it can make your house project easier and less stressful.

Styles of Windows: Which Design is Right for Your Needs?

When you are shopping for new replacement windows, it is fun to look at the many designs. These are some of the popular styles of windows that you might consider.

7 Reasons to Choose a Sliding Patio Door

The best time for outdoor events is approaching—fresh air, open windows, and doors, and DIY projects on the patio are in order! This year, as the season for everything outdoors draws near, isn’t it time you update your backyard with a new sliding patio door?

Here are you seven awesome advantages of choosing Sliding Patio Doors for your home. Some great information from Brock Doors and Windows