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Commercial Contractor

How to Choose a Commercial Contractor   

Your organization might have guidelines on how many quotes to get from commercial contractors. But, from there, you’re essentially on your own choosing a contractor for your project. Commercial projects tend to involve a lot of investment and should help your business succeed over time. So, choosing the right commercial contractor is critical. Here is […]

How to Plan a Basement Renovation

You’re finally ready to tackle the basement and turn it into the practical, beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of. The process of planning the renovation is as important as the work itself and will ultimately dictate the quality of the final result and our experience during the renovation itself. Here are a few tips to […]

woman working from home with her pet dog

How to Plan a Renovation While You Work from Home

Planning an office renovation, or the renovation of any part of your home when you work from home can be challenging. No one wants to live, or work, in a construction zone. But making time for a renovation can dramatically improve your productivity and work-life balance. Here’s how you can plan and execute a renovation […]

Our 5 Favourite Low Maintenance Plants

Are you wanting some beautiful additions in your garden this year? If you’re looking for hardy plants that don’t require a whole lot of work then look no further. Our horticultural team has decided on their five favourite plants that are great for either the novice gardener or someone with a green thumb. Ornamental grasses […]