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Renovation Ideas That Maximize Storage And Minimize Clutter

If you are wondering what you could possibly add to your home to maximize storage and minimize clutter, you may be surprised to know just how many options exist!

  •  Closet organizers. Building custom shelving in your closets is very effective.  You can add top and bottom clothing rods, add draws and shelves, even add specific spaces for shoes, ties or belts.  Having a designated spot for all your items means you will be storing things more efficiently and will end up with more useable space.
  • Add a home office. Every home needs a spot for all that paper that seems to come in no matter how hard we try!  Many homes don’t have the option to make a home office in a designated room but building a custom home office space as part of your kitchen, basement or master bedroom really helps keep those papers organized instead of floating all over your house.  You don’t need a huge space for this – even a small counter (even one that folds up) paired with some shelving and a wipe board or cork board for a calendar helps to keep your family organized.
  • Laundry room storage. Most laundry rooms weren’t designed with effective storage in mind but actually do have the space to create more useful storage and usable space.  Laundry room storage can include shelving to house extra towels and bedding, off season coats and boots, as well as spaces to store all your laundry and cleaning supplies.
  • Kitchen storage. Having extra deep or really high cabinets can seem like a good idea, but unless you take the time to organize them and make them useable storage, they can be the opposite of what you need.  Custom pull out drawers, shelf dividers and other unique kitchen storage options are worth investing in.

Having a dedicated space for all your belongings will really help minimize the clutter in your home and you’ll be more inclined to enjoy spending time at home.  There are so many ways to add storage space and you can get ideas and expertise from a home renovator like domilya Group.

If you are in the Oakville, Burlington or Mississauga area, contact domilya Group to find out more about how custom home renovations can help your home meet the needs of your lifestyle!