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Planting Spring Flowers - Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home

Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home

Being a homeowner means having to deal with necessary renovations and home maintenance. It can sometimes be a messy job, but someone has to do it. However, there is some maintenance work that’s best left until the spring when the weather is more favourable. Here are nine essential spring renovation ideas that might be coming your way:

1. Landscaping

Now that the snow is starting to melt, you can begin to envision and plan your outdoor repairs. It might take some time for the ground to dry up enough to start your planting. Jumping into gardening too soon could kill your plants if the temperature goes below freezing (which is typical for this time of year). Wait until the first week of May before you start your gardening, which ensures that the ground has dried up enough to leave behind moist, fertile soil.

That window after the snow has melted and before May is the perfect time to work on deck repair. Remove rotting planks of wood and inspect the foundation posts for disrepair. We recommend hiring a professional deck builder to design and create the best decking for your backyard.

2. Window Replacement

You’ll know by your heating bill if your home is poorly insulated, and one of the biggest culprits of poor insulation is your windows. Old windows are even worse, and not only do they let cold air in and warm air out, but they also have low UV protection in the summer. Air leakage is also one of the biggest reasons for heat loss, which is caused by poor or inexperienced installation.

Replacing your windows this spring will lower your heating bill, add value to your property, and make your home more energy efficient.

3. Roof Repair

Why is roof repair essential in the spring? Winters are harsh and leave behind a ton of debris and moisture. Shingles might be warped or missing altogether. Calling in a roof repair company to fix your shingles is impossible in the winter and unbearable in the summer. Prevent further trouble down the road by fixing your little roof issues before they turn into big problems.

 4. Foundation Repair

Moisture, heavy loads of snow, and shifting temperatures have a way of making your house shift. It’s not uncommon to find new cracks in your foundation after the snow clears. But while it’s not unusual, it’s also not advisable to wait too long before fixing it. Unless you have experience, we don’t suggest DIYing this project, as the foundation is the most important part of the house. Simple caulking won’t do the trick, and exterior excavation might be necessary.

5. Finishing Unfished Spaces

If finishing your basement, garage or storage space is on your list, get it done this Spring! The warmer weather makes dry walling a good project as the higher temperatures mean you can open windows and help expedite drying time for drywall compound.

6. Flooring Upgrades

Springtime weather may be reminding you about your seasonal allergies. If you have carpet in your home, changing it out to hardwood floors can help alleviate symptoms of dust and pollen particles that get trapped in carpet.

Kitchen in the process of being remodeled - Spring Renovation Ideas for Your Home

7. Kitchen Remodelling

Spring and summer usually mean a lot of entertaining happens in the home. If you’d like to upgrade your kitchen, Spring is a great time to undertake a kitchen renovation. Keep in mind that a full remodel is not always needed to get more benefits out of your kitchen space. New tiles, updated storage, new countertops and backsplash can really add to how you use and enjoy the space.

8. Custom Storage

As you are doing some Spring cleaning, you may find the need for a better system to organize and store your items. If you have a garage or a storage room in your home, taking the time to renovate the space and build custom storage for your needs can make a huge difference. Maximizing the space will make it feel bigger and more organized, allowing you to make the most of the things you have.

9. Add Some Colour

The greys and darker tones of winter are cast aside with the arrival of Spring! Give your home a refreshed look by using paint or wallpaper in light and bright shades. Adding new artwork or window treatments are other great ways of using colour to brighten up your home.

Need Help With Your Spring Renovations?

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