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Flooring samples - The Top Eco-Friendly Materials for Your Home Interior

The Top Eco-Friendly Materials for Your Home Interior

Renovation can be an ideal time to think more deeply about the types of materials you use in your home. Fortunately, one of the results of the modern environmental movement is that homeowners now have a wealth of eco-friendly materials to choose from, both for major building projects and for interiors and finishing. These can range from simple reclaimed wood to more high-tech options like bio-glass. Here are a few of the hottest new eco-friendly materials for your home interior.

Out On the Tiles

Flooring has seen a flood of new products in recent years, and reclaimed wood remains the evergreen choice for trendy designers. However, there are other interesting new products on the market that should be considered if you’re looking for something unique.

Coco tiles are exactly what they sound like: floor tiles made from discarded coconut shells. During the harvesting process, most of the shells become waste product and are often disposed of in landfills, or burned. Some companies have seized this opportunity by creating tiles in an array of absorbing textures. Although not ideal for high-moisture environments like the bathroom, they can nonetheless be used in a variety of applications to add texture and visual interest to a room.

Alternatively, one of the hottest new eco-materials comes from a somewhat unlikely source: the leather industry. Leather tiles hardly sound like a vegan’s dream flooring, but they actually help reuse and recycle the mountains of waste material generated by leather manufacturing. The scrap leather is reworked into beautiful tiles in a variety of suitably deep colours and textures.

Glass Houses

Looking for something slightly ethereal? Consider using “bio-glass”, also known as post-consumer recycled glass, a newly engineered recycled material made from discarded glass items (plates, bottles, old glassware, etc.). The scrap glass is reprocessed under extreme pressure and cut into a variety of shapes and applications. Not only does it look great, but it also has slightly luminescent properties, adding a warm glow to your room.

Tear Down the Wall

Drywall is ubiquitous, but there are new alternatives for messy old sheet rock. Drywall products like EcoRock are made mostly from recycled industrial waste from steel and cement manufacturers. These products cost less energy to produce, create less dust during installation, and impede the growth of moulds. Adding in a nice bit of circularity, the product can itself be completely recycled.

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