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Investing – In New Renovations

Well researched renovations can be a way to increase the value in your biggest investment, your home. 

The Vermeer’s BIG Renovation

Our clients Keith and Adrienne made the HUGE decision to completely gut their 1970’s bungalow and add an additional 1200 square feet of living space to their home.  With 6 year old twins and an infant, it was quite the undertaking to say the least, but they got through it in one piece and are happy with their new space! Check out what they had to say about the renovation process and how they are settling in now.

A SeniorÕs Guide to Selecting Service Providers

In today’s modern world, regardless of your age, it can feel overwhelming to come to a decision of which professional company to select for various services, including junk removal. However, many seniors fall prey to schemes and scams that target those who are most vulnerable. Here are the key characteristics of legitimate companies and employees, which everyone should keep an eye out for.

Increase the Value of Your Home

The benefits of renting a dumpster and how it can make your house project easier and less stressful.

Styles of Windows: Which Design is Right for Your Needs?

When you are shopping for new replacement windows, it is fun to look at the many designs. These are some of the popular styles of windows that you might consider.

7 Reasons to Choose a Sliding Patio Door

The best time for outdoor events is approaching—fresh air, open windows, and doors, and DIY projects on the patio are in order! This year, as the season for everything outdoors draws near, isn’t it time you update your backyard with a new sliding patio door?

Here are you seven awesome advantages of choosing Sliding Patio Doors for your home. Some great information from Brock Doors and Windows

Nominate a Family in Need

Blago Home Inspection is to serve the community that makes up Southern Ontario.  Inspecting homes from London to Toronto, and just about everywhere in between.  To give back, we are seeking to give a family a free home repair of an essential item that they may not normally be able to afford.

City Living vs Country Living: Tips for those planning to relocate

The decision has been made…..you are moving from the big city to a slower, more relaxed pace in the Georgian Bay area.  Whether it’s a summer home or your permanent residence, there are important things you MUST keep in mind before making your purchase and why getting that home inspection is crucial. 

Custom Lighting is for More Than Just Inside Your Home

Create your perfect outdoor space with custom lighting so you can enjoy your outside space as much as you enjoy your inside space.

Getting a Roof Renovation Estimate? – What Must Be Included

There are many roofing companies to choose from in most urban areas. Many claiming multiple years in business or to have the most expertise. That said, one will quickly discover that from one roofing company to the next you may find big disparities in the work to be performed.

Who are we as contractors?

Knowing how you got to where you are is determined by what you did to get there.

Hire an ‘LEC’ – It’s the Law

What you need to know before you hire an Electrician for your home or business.

A Paid Consultation Can Save You Money

Having a consultation with your Licensed Electrical Contractor about the specific, custom needs for your project can save money and time.

Tips for hiring a Contractor

When you make the decision to do a renovation it's an exciting time and no one would fault you for wanting to jump in with both feet.  Before you do hire the first contractor that comes up as result on your Google search though, there are a few important things you should consider.

Energy Savings with Home Control

A properly designed home control system can help increase your energy savings and save you money.

Home Control on a baby registry?

Home control for new parents is a must have.

Ditch the Screen, Keep the Home Control

Limiting your screen time doesn't mean you need to limit your options when it comes to home control.

Roof Top Snow Removal

Everything you need to know about roof top snow removal. Does it need to be done, and if so, when and how.

Motorized Shades: The Solution for Hard to Reach Windows

Skip the frustration and use your custom shades daily with no effort, even in hard to reach places.

Some Promises are Made to be Broken

If it seems too good to be true…it probably is…

Key points when choosing a Contractor

A few things to think about when hiring a contractor from The Candu Group. www.thecandugroup.com

DIY Inspection Tip: Condensation / Icy Windows

Explanation and solutions for excessive condensation and ice forming on interior of house windows in cold weather.

What Baeumler Approved Means to Us.

At this year’s Calgary Fall Home Show, we at Floorscapes got a special treat. As members of the Baeumler Approved Network, we had the privilege of meeting Bryan Baeumler himself.

Not surprisingly, the HGTV star is as down-to-earth as he appears on camera, a good ol’ Canadian boy with solid industry values.

Spray Foam Insulation Reduces Collective Carbon Footprint

There is no doubt that the world's climate is changing. We see it in the increased temperatures across the globe as well as the growing number of severe weather events such as tornados, cyclones, hurricanes, etc. Ergo, the earth is warming up, and it is costing us dearly. We are losing a large number species and their habitats, and the chances that sensitive ecosystems will adapt naturally are slight. Furthermore, there is now an overwhelming consensus that global warming is taking place and man is the main cause of the gasses that are producing the greenhouse effect.

Simple Furnace Fix Ð Change Your Filter This Winter

Showcasing the importance of your furnace filter and why changing it is a good idea.