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What is a Design Build?

Sometimes when we advise a potential client that the next step in their renovation process is to enter into a “Design-Build Agreement”, it becomes clear that this is a term the homeowner is both unfamiliar with and intimidated by. Some are surprised that their particular project would require plans and a permit.

Fortunately, a design-build is less complicated than it sounds – in fact, it is the opposite of complicated! It essentially removes any uncertainty about the end result of your new space as well as your budget and ensures that you and your contractor are going about the project in a safe and legal manner. Here are some common questions we are asked when discussing a Design-Build Agreement.

1. What Is Involved in a Design-Build Agreement?

Basically, we bring in our structural designer, who, after discussing the project with the homeowner, provides permit-ready BCIN-certified plans or drawings. During this time, we also define a detailed scope of work so that everyone is on the same page. Our Sales Manager is then able to arrange site visits for our various trades and suppliers (and our own staff) to put together an accurate cost for the work based on the plans. Once the estimate is approved by the homeowner, we can begin scheduling and get to work!

2. Why Do I Need BCIN-Certified Plans/Drawings?

BCIN-certified plans are required by the City or Municipality for almost all projects. This way, the plans are completed to a certain standard, and the designer is qualified to specify structural and other Building Code related (e.g. insulation values) requirements. Detailed, certified drawings will ensure that the project is properly executed as well as safe and structurally sound!

3. How Much Does This Cost?

This depends on the scope of the project; however, generally, the client will spend somewhere between $1500-$4000 in return for permit-ready drawings stamped by a BCIN-certified designer, a firm quote by Catalyst, and specifications for the project.

4. Can I Keep the Drawings?

Yes, they are yours to keep. And you are not obligated to hire a contractor to do the work once the plans are complete! That said, many do for simplicity.

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