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How Refacing Your Cabinets Can Transform Your Kitchen

Cabinet refacing can give your kitchen an instant update at a fraction of the cost of renovating. Here, we’ll break down the process of cabinet refacing and help you get inspired to transform your kitchen.

What is Cabinet Refacing?

Refacing your cabinets involves stripping away the exterior surface of your cabinets and then reinstalling a new, clean surface. The size and orientation of your cabinets do not change, but the doors, drawers, and even fixtures might.

Since refacing is surface level and doesn’t require a ton of materials, it’s relatively inexpensive. However, the cost will depend on the quality of materials and the surface area involved. It can be made into a DIY project, but it is usually more efficient when left to professionals.

How Does it Work?

There are several steps involved in cabinet refacing, and they are all equally important to making sure you have quality results that don’t look cheap.

The first step is to remove all doors and drawers, as well as any hardware to create a smooth surface. Then, veneer or rigid thermofoils (RTFs) are added to both the outer surfaces and sides of the cabinets. Any excess is trimmed off to ensure clean edges. Finally, hinges can optionally be replaced as doors are reinstalled with old or brand-new hardware for a fresh look.

When Should I Get My Cabinets Refaced?

Cabinet refacing is really a surface level update to your kitchen, so if your cabinets are functional and work within the space of your kitchen, you don’t need to go through a full remodel. A cabinet refacing will make your space feel new without the cost of tearing down and rebuilding functional cabinets.

Refacing is great to consider if you’re perhaps planning to sell your house or you’re under a bit of a time crunch. A professional can get your cabinets refaced in just a couple of days and can even install other upgrades if desired, such as new storage accessories or under-cabinet lighting.

Transforming Your Kitchen

Transforming your kitchen seems like a daunting (and expensive) task, but with cabinet refacing, it doesn’t have to be. A bit of veneer can make a huge difference in adding some style to your kitchen and making it feel brand new again. Being able to choose a new surface for your cabinets will make your kitchen feel more personal and unique.

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