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How to Plan a Renovation While You Work from Home

Planning an office renovation, or the renovation of any part of your home when you work from home can be challenging. No one wants to live, or work, in a construction zone. But making time for a renovation can dramatically improve your productivity and work-life balance. Here’s how you can plan and execute a renovation while you work from home.

Start with Concrete Plans

Before you get things started, you should know exactly what projects you’ll be completing, how long they are likely to take, and how much disruption they will cause in your space. Professionals can help you avoid never-ending renovations, but if you’re doing any of it yourself, set a timeline and make sure you have a contingency plan.

Clean and Set Guidelines

Your contractors will need you to clean out the parts of your home that they will be working on. If you’ll be moving your office, set it up where you’ll be relocating to. If it’s still in your house set guidelines about what the contractor’s staff should avoid to prevent disturbing you:

  • Spaces they shouldn’t enter
  • Limited times where they should attempt to reduce noise
  • A complete schedule of water and power shutoffs
  • How they’ll access the home without relying on you to let them in

Leave if Possible

Those who enjoy working from home may balk to hear it, but if you have another option, head out of your home to work during the actual renovation. That doesn’t mean you have to head to the office. You could work at a coffee shop, a local coworking space, or you could rent a temporary office, even a hotel room.

Planning your home renovation doesn’t have to be complicated. Find a Baeumler Approved contractor near you to get your renovation started today.

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Safety Concerns

If you and your children will be onsite during the renovation, it is important to go over your safety concerns with your contractor. How will they ensure that you are safe? Consider how to prevent children from accessing equipment, how to protect your ears from noise, and how to avoid tripping hazards.

Contingency Plans

Even the best-laid plans sometimes go awry. What will you do if the renovation takes longer than planned? You should know how you’ll adjust your work schedule if you have to and ask your contractor to give you as much notice about delays as possible.

Payment and Bonds

One of the worst possible outcomes is that you hire a contractor to work on or near your home office and they never finish their work. Be sure you’re not making your final payment until the work is done to avoid this. Also, insist you use a bonded contractor so you can recoup losses if they don’t finish.

Working from home and need to renovate your home? Look no further. Find a Baeumler Approved contractor in your area by contacting us today!