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How to Plan a Basement Renovation

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You’re finally ready to tackle the basement and turn it into the practical, beautiful space you’ve always dreamed of. The process of planning the renovation is as important as the work itself and will ultimately dictate the quality of the final result and our experience during the renovation itself. Here are a few tips to help you better plan a basement remodel.

Practicalities First

Thinking about practicalities the foundation of your home isn’t as exciting as picking out paint colours, but it is a critical first step to make sure that your basement renovation is done right and will last well into the future. Waterproofing contractors can help you make a plan to address moisture issues in your basement. You might also need to take care of ventilation, insulation, heating and cooling, subflooring, and more.

Use of Your Basement

Once you have your plan to turn the basement into a livable space, it’s time to narrow down exactly what you want to do with it. Should it be an office space, an in-law suite, or an entertainment area? Make sure that the amenities you’d like to have are accounted for in the space. You may need new plumbing for bathroom additions, better electrical systems for a family room or gas connections if you want to add a kitchen.

The Support Structure

Before you finalize your ideas of your basement layout, it’s wise to have a professional make sure that they are sound. The poles and supports in your basement are necessary to keep the whole structure intact. Your design needs to account for the supports. This may mean you need to make some changes to get an open-concept design.

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Find A Professional Near You

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Features and Finishes

The fun part is next! What kind of features and finishes do you want for the basement? It’s smart to work with a professional who can get you access to unusual materials and show you features you may not have thought of. They can also help you narrow the endless possibilities based on the styles that you prefer.

Timelines and Payment Schedule

Now all that is left is to plan the renovation itself. Contractors should give you a clear timeline about when the project will start, its major milestones and when it will end. Ask if the contractor can foresee anything that might delay the project and what contingency plans they have for if things take longer than expected.

You should also familiarize yourself with the payment plan so that you’re not surprised by when and what you’ll be paying for your renovation.

Planning any renovation should not be done alone. It is important to have a certified contractor to help you with such projects. Contact us today so we can help you find a Baeumler Approved Basement Renovation Contractor near you.