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Snow on sloped roof - Roof Top Snow Removal
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Roof Top Snow Removal

Check out these common questions and answers on roof top snow removal from Baeumler Approved contractor, A. Shaw Roofing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove the ice from our eaves troughs?


Most of today’s eaves troughs are made of pre-finished seamless thin metal. They are not designed to withstand prying or pounding and can be damaged with any attempt to physically remove ice.

Do you use steam or high-pressure water to remove snow and ice?


Contrary to popular belief, it is not a good idea to melt snow and ice from your roof. In winter temperatures, what will happen to the water which comes from melted ice and snow? It will freeze once again in your yard, creating a dangerous ice rink for yourself or visitors. The water will have nowhere to retreat as the ground is frozen. Using water to melt snow and ice will increase the amount of water potentially getting to your foundation during spring melt.

Is it good to remove the snow from the eaves’ edges only?

Removing the snow from the eaves’ edges only is a common practice, but in many cases does little to prevent ice damming from occurring. It does, however, remove a portion of the excess snow weight on your roof. An important factor of roof snow removal is insuring the passive air vents on your roof are free and clear to provide airflow for the attic. Blocked air vents do not allow excess warm air to escape, causing the attic to “warm up”. This causes the snow to melt on the roof surface; water runs down to the cold eave edge only to freeze and begin the formation of ice dams. In short, it is a good practice to remove snow from the entirety of the roof.

When should I have the snow removed from my roof?

If you can not see the vents on your roof, then the snow should be removed. A rule of thumb would be once the depth of roof snow reaches nearly 12 inches or 30cm. If you see ice dams forming on your eave edges, you should contact us to access the problem.

Workers removing snow from roof - Roof Top Snow Removal

How much does a professional rooftop snow removal cost?

The average 1000-square-foot bungalow house will start at about $400.00. The price can vary due to the following factors: the amount of snow on the roof, size of the house/roof, pitch or slope of the roof, height or number of stories of the roof, type of roof materials on the home, number of walkways around the home which need to be cleared after roof snow removal.

What does A. Shaw Roofing rooftop snow removal consist of?

Our experienced tradesmen will:

  • Remove 95%+ of the snow from your roof. We do not attempt to remove all snow as we do not want to harshly scrape or scuff your roof materials which are typically asphalt shingles. Plastic shovels only are used on the roof; aluminum or steel shovels will scuff or tear off shingles.
  • Ensure all roof vents are free and clear of snow and ice, allowing them to function properly
  • Reduce ice dams on eaves edges (if present) as much as possible. We will not attempt to remove all ice as it is typically bonded to the shingles. Trying to remove all ice will damage the shingles.
  • If any ice remains on the eave edges, every 4 to 6 feet we will cut trenches in the ice to allow for future melting and water runoff.
  • Any snow and ice removed from the roof which lands on any previously cleared: sidewalks, driveways, decks or patios will be cleared/shovelled.

All roof top snow removal crews at A Shaw Roofing are experienced tradesmen covered by WCB and Liability Insurance. We are A+ rated by the BBB and are also Bauemler Approved which gives our clients peace of mind that they are dealing with a trusted company.

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