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How to Renovate a Garage into an Apartment

A garage renovation is like a miniature version of a total home renovation. If you want to turn your garage into a space that is fit to live in and not just store your car in, you’ll have to make major changes to it. Here’s a brief rundown of the major things to consider when renovating your garage into a studio or another livable space.

Talk to the Professionals

You don’t have to rely on professionals for every aspect of your renovation. However, there are safety and building code issues that crop up when you’re turning a garage into a living space, never mind into its own apartment. You can save yourself time, money and fines by talking to the professionals about your project and getting their help with the most major aspects.

Insulation and Ventilation

The flooring and walls in your garage won’t retain conditioned air and likely aren’t comfortable. For starters, you may need to add subflooring and flooring to make the floor a consistent, comfortable temperature to walk on. Even when heated, a concrete garage’s floor will be cool to the touch.

Next is the task of adding insulation to the walls. A professional can walk you through your insulation options to maximize your insulation R-value for your budget and make the most energy-efficient space.

Ventilation is also important. Once someone will be spending more time in the space, and possibly cooking or showering, you’ll need ventilation to remove excess moisture and prevent the build-up of smells or fumes.

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Plumbing Issues

Will you be adding a bathroom or a kitchen to your garage? If someone will be living there, both are a wise idea, if you have the space. Even just adding a utility sink can be a smart decision if you don’t have room for more. Few garages have plumbing already, so you will likely need to run pipes for all of the fixtures you want to add. Consider hiring a plumbing company to help you with this part of the project.

Heating and Cooling

How will you heat the space in winter and cool it in the summer? Depending on the size of your current HVAC appliances, you may simply be able to connect the garage to the home’s system. However, it’s more common to have to add a dedicated heating and cooling system to the garage. You have many options. If you’ll be changing the floor anyway, it is wise to look into radiant heating. 

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