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Modern Kitchen - Do You Want a Modern Home or a Contemporary Home? Understanding Today's Design Trends

Do You Want a Modern Home or a Contemporary Home? Understanding Today’s Design Trends

When you’re deciding on the style of your next home renovation or new build, understanding the differences between modern and contemporary design is crucial. Both have distinct characteristics that cater to different tastes and functionalities. So, do you lean towards the timeless appeal of modern design, or does the dynamic nature of contemporary architecture resonate more with you? 

Contemporary vs. Modern Home Styles: What’s the Difference? 

The terms “modern” and “contemporary” in home design are often tossed around interchangeably, yet they denote very different styles. Modern design refers to a historical design movement from the mid-20th century, known for its emphasis on function and simplicity, often featuring clean lines and natural materials like wood and stone. On the other hand, contemporary design is ever-changing, reflecting the trends of the current moment, characterized by a mix of styles, large glass windows, open floor plans, and a focus on sustainability. 

Modern Architecture: Sleek, Functional, Timeless 

Modern architecture is a testament to the idea that “form follows function.” It’s a style that is stripped of unnecessary ornamentation, where every element serves a purpose. In 2023, this translates to homes with bold, often monochromatic colour schemes, open spaces, and large glass elements that bring in natural light, honouring the style’s roots while embracing new technologies and materials. 

Contemporary open concept first floor - Do You Want a Modern Home or a Contemporary Home? Understanding Today's Design Trends

Contemporary Architecture: Eclectic, Evolving, Cutting-Edge 

Contemporary architecture in 2023 embraces new trends like bold colour choices, custom-built shelving, and modern mouldings that add character. These homes often include unique design elements that make a statement and reflect the homeowner’s personal style, from eye-catching art pieces to inventive uses of space and materials.   

2023 Trends: Biophilic, Modular, and Beyond 

The current year has seen a surge in architectural trends that lean towards biophilic design and modular construction. 

Biophilic design is about creating a close connection to nature within our homes. It could mean incorporating houseplants, using natural materials, or designing spaces that let in lots of natural light.  

Modular construction involves prefabricated elements, which offers efficiency and adaptability.  

These trends highlight the evolving nature of contemporary design and its commitment to sustainability and innovation. 

Which Style Resonates with You? 

Ultimately, the choice between modern and contemporary comes down to personal preference and lifestyle needs. Do you value the historical and functional appeal of modern architecture, or do you prefer the adaptive and trend-forward nature of contemporary design? 

Embracing Your Choice with Baeumler Approved 

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