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Decks, Fences, Shed, and Patio Contractors in Edmonton  

Your outdoor space can be made so much more functional and beautiful with a renovation project. Among the most popular landscaping projects that homeowners choose to get professional help for include decks, patio, fences, and sheds. You can choose a landscaper who can complete all of these projects or those that specialize in the specific one that you’re looking for. 

Either way, it is a wise idea to choose a Baeumler Approved Edmonton fencing contractor, patio contractor, deck contractor or shed building companies. Contractors who are Baeumler Approved have demonstrated their quality of work both to their clients and to the other companies they work with. As not all of these contractors have specific licensing for these landscaping projects, getting other quality assurance is even more important. 

Deck Builders

In Canada, decks can take a beating. They must have a solid foundation in order to avoid damage during the thaw/freeze cycle. The wood itself will also be tested by our changing weather, so a professional should advise you on how to best protect the wood from this stress, so your deck will last. 

While most decks can be built in a day or two, larger or more complicated decks may take longer. However, waiting to get a deck that perfectly wraps around your pool can be well worth it. 

Fencing Contractors

Fences are important parts of any property. Not only will a new fence secure your property, but it also marks the property line and significantly changes the way that your yard looks. Installing a fence properly can mean that it will last for decades. A poorly installed fence can create issues, including disputes about where your property ends and your neighbour’s begins. 

Patio Contractors 

There are so many patio options that it may be a little overwhelming. There are different stone and interlocking materials, in various colours and textures. They can be combined in different patterns, too. For the long-term quality of the patio, the type of sealant you use, and proper timely application of that sealant, is critical.   

Shed Builders 

Do you need a permit for your shed? Which spot in your yard is best for the shed? Your shed contractor should be able to answer these questions for you and many more. A shed is a very useful addition, including for properties that have a lot of landscaping equipment, furniture, and features that need storage (especially over the winter). 

Why Choose a Baeumler Approved Contractor? 

Why choose a Baeumler Approved Edmonton deck building company, shed building company, local fencing contractor, or patio contractor? We’ve made effort to ensure that each contractor we list produces quality work that stands the test of time. Even when they make mistakes, they make it right by fixing the issue properly. Choose an Edmonton contractor you can trust today. 

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