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4 Questions to Ask Your Patio Contractor

A new patio can bring your outdoor entertaining game up a notch, make your home more valuable, and provide plenty of other benefits. But the last thing you want is for that patio to be hard to maintain, with loose stones, weeds, and tripping hazards. Installing the patio right the first time is the most important way to prevent these issues. And for that, you need a great patio contractor who understands how to work with pavers. Here are four questions to ask a patio contractor to be sure you’re getting the right product.

1. Do You Have Insurance?

Sure, unlike other contractors, interlocking contractors are unlikely to start fires, cause water damage, or do other serious damage to your home. However, the patio is still an expensive investment, and it is worth protecting with insurance. Plus, you don’t want to be liable if the contractor’s employees get hurt or dig into something they shouldn’t. Insurance is a must.

2. How Much Experience Do You Have?

If this is your contractor’s first foray into the world of interlocking stone, be wary. There’s more to the project than just digging a hole, laying some sand, and adding stones. Well-meaning but inexperienced contractors, even those who specialize in other areas, may make mistakes that will end up undermining the quality of your patio, and which may be very expensive to fix. Take a look at the contractor’s past projects and make sure they are holding up to the test of time. Ideally, do this in person and not just through pictures.

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3. How Do You Prepare the Base for the Stones?

While you may not understand the process for preparing the base yourself, you can tell a lot about the character and level of knowledge of the contractor by their answer. A great contractor will reference the interlocking manufacturer’s own instructions for installation, including steps like levelling and tamping. Those with a gift for customer service will describe the process carefully and answer your questions. Those who don’t may try to overwhelm you with details or may end up confusing you. Choose the kind that communicates better and you’ll have a more positive build experience.

4. What Kind of Deposit Will I Make?

In order to start, all contractors will require that you pay some of the money upfront. Somewhere between ten and twenty percent is a fair amount for an initial deposit. More is a sign the contractor may be willing to cut and run, or just isn’t in touch with industry standards. You may be asked to make more payments as you go, but you should never pay a larger percentage of the total cost than the percentage of total work that has been completed.

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