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4 Reasons You Should Buy an Air Conditioner in Calgary & Edmonton

If you live in Calgary or Edmonton, it makes sense that you would primarily think about your heating options for the winter. Our climate is typically cold and unforgiving; therefore, heating is a necessity. But it is also essential to consider your need to cool your home in the summer. Not everyone uses air conditioning, but our summers are getting hotter, and it might be time you think about using AC.  

Below are some reasons you should buy an air conditioner in Calgary and Edmonton. 

1. Temperature is a Matter of Safety 

Those who are younger adults might not notice, but the heat affects young kids and the elderly quite significantly. Both children and seniors may have trouble regulating their temperature.

In heat waves, keeping cool is a matter of physical health for senior citizens since many seniors die of heat exhaustion every summer. So, having the option to cool your home with air conditioning may be critical if you live with or might entertain older people. 

What about for yourself? If you exercise in the home, have breathing problems, or have any health conditions impacted by the heat, then air conditioning may also be vital for your safety. 

2. Keep Humidity Levels Low 

Air conditioning doesn’t just control heat; it also controls humidity. During Calgary and Edmonton summers, humidity levels rise well above their lows in the winter. This high humidity makes the air feel hotter than it might feel otherwise and can negatively impact you and your home.  

For example, those predisposed to fungal infections may need a dry home to stay healthy. Humid conditions might also encourage mould growth in your home, which can present health risks or damage your walls, furniture, and belongings. 

3. Circulate Air Through Your Home 

Air conditioners circulate air throughout your home with their built-in fan. This can help improve air quality in your home and keep the area feeling fresh. Of course, if just the fan is not enough, you can also connect air-purifying devices to the AC unit to promote better air quality.  

Adding heat recovery ventilators is also a particularly good idea given the climate in Calgary and Edmonton. These can help circulate air without losing heat over the winter. Fortunately, you can run them in the summer too. 

4. Comfort and Sleep 

Comfort is the main reason people invest in air conditioning. Many individuals find that when they are working from home, they require temperature consistency to stay productive. Of course, many people may find they need an air conditioner at night to sleep more comfortably as well. 

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