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5 Master Bedroom Renovation Tips & Ideas

Whether you’re trying to make a new space your own, or you’re tired of staring at the same boring walls, day after day, a master bedroom refresh can make all the difference. Fresh paint, new floors, and modern furniture can elevate your sleeping quarters while adding to your home’s overall appeal.  

Not sure where to start? Read these five master bedroom layout ideas to get inspiration for your new space. 

1. Add an Accent Wall 

Accent walls can have a huge impact on your bedroom and can truly elevate the whole ambiance. Bright or dark, textured or patterned, accent walls add flair and intrigue to any space. 

Regardless of what you choose to paint or create, you should ensure the wall stands out. Think about painting it a colour that contrasts the palette of the room. Or add wooden moulding to create a geometric pattern that’s bold and exciting.   

2. Mood Lighting  

Changing your lighting is often the easiest solution if your bedroom feels drab and dull. Remember, though; it’s important to consider both day and night lighting.  

For example, if you have south-facing windows, the room may be too bright and hot throughout the day. Instead of shrouding the room in darkness with blinds, opt for adding sheer curtains to diffuse the bright light, giving the room a softer feel. On the other hand, if you have a darker room with few windows or if they are north facing, keep the curtains wide open and use mirrors and light colours to reflect sunlight and brighten up the space.  

At night, consider adding warm lighting for the ambiance. Lighting at night will set the mood, so find the right bulbs, shades and fixtures to create the effect you’re after.   

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3. Built-In Headboard Features 

Building your headboard into the wall opens up a world of opportunities for layout and design. You can include more shelving, interesting shapes or other functional features that make your bed stand out. Built-in nightstands that connect your bed and headboard can also unify your décor, providing a sleeker and more modern feel.  

4. Fresh Floors 

When renovating your master bedroom, new floors might be a major part of your room redesign. Opting for laminate, vinyl, or wood might be a nice switch up from carpet. Adding rugs that accent the space is also a great idea. Rugs can tie together décor and colour palettes and add some texture to an otherwise plain floor.   

5. Expanded Closets  

If you have the space, expanding your closets can make your master bedroom feel more luxurious. For example, if you have shallow closets in a large open corner of the room, then think about converting this space into a walk-in closet. Building out your closet can also add nooks and interesting features to your overall room layout.  

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